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20 world-class presentation experts share their top tips - art tablet with screen

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-13
20 world-class presentation experts share their top tips  -  art tablet with screen
Have you ever had a talk that seemed to be intermittent?
Confusing speakers, pestering trivial information and giving lengthy explanations of nowhere to go?
Too many speeches are plagued by bad plans and poor visuals.
Watch the audience for these demos, pay attention for a few minutes, and then go back to their phone.
Although we hope that the next presentation will be different, it will rarely be different.
So what can we do to change this? Simple -
Teach them some simple rules about creating a valid demo.
Well, maybe it's not that easy, but we can do better.
So I decided to ask the world experts and ask them.
That's what they said: Echo Swinford, Voice of Echo.
ComTip: tell the audience "when I say this, I believe I will make a lot of life angry, but when I see a presentation full of unreadable charts, what I think in my head is, "Wow, this guy wants me to see how hard he's working on all these numbers.
"We're not in the third grade and I don't need you to show me your work.
I need you to show me what is relevant and tell me what your point of view is.
If you think I would want detailed background information then give it to me on vacation
Because I can read your 12-
Type of point on paper.
But I can't be on the screen so don't bother.
Alan Gorman of Esley
ComTip 1: Before creating a slide, start with a good template and make sure that the template you are using defines global properties such as fonts, colors, and object/chart styles.
It takes only a small amount of time to start defining this content to prevent a significant loss of productivity at the end, thus rebuilding the content to be consistent.
Tip 2 select visuals and adding visuals to the slides will make them more impactful and memorable, but only if they help clarify your message.
Use professional quality images (not free clip-art)
This has to do with your most important points and makes them large enough to be easily seen.
For more information, see: Tom Peters, author of the book "Finding Tips For Excellence 1", remember that you serve the median, not the big man in the 1st row;
How to help the average audience, not the outliers.
The slide is fabric.
In a big space, don't let AV people flip back and forth between your photos and slides.
People need time to digest the slides and write the next key point, anyway.
Hint 3 the flow of the slide captures the argument of the fact;
I would like the slide structure itself to illustrate the information;
No leap of faith is needed.
Andrew hewally, ellinning brothers.
I know it's old talk, but it's true. . . .
The picture is really worth 1,000 words.
Most of us are visual learners.
We learn and retain more from images than we learn and retain only from reading and/or listening.
The best image is not a "free" beautiful picture.
It's an image that explains a concept, such as an infographic.
I like the picture at the bottom of the front page of USA Today.
They always have a good graphic to explain a concept and I don't really read an article.
Tip 2: By doing this to attract the attention of the audience we are superficial readers/learners.
When a person "reads" the magazine, have they seen it on the plane?
They go through it quickly until something catches their attention, such as color, image, title, etc.
We view presentations and online training in the same way.
Give people something that catches their attention.
Concise titles, proper use of colors, meaningful images, etc.
Jonathan Coleman
Organization Tip 1: for Kawasaki's famous 10/20/30 demo design rules, use big text to tell us not to use any text less than 30 points.
This is a good suggestion, but make it bigger when you need your text to pop up --really big!
Use more than 100 points or even larger types depending on your font.
See how I can use different type sizes to make my information stand out in this demo.
Tip 2: find a topic to illustrate their ideas with photography by many speakers.
So when everyone uses great photos, how do you make your photos stand out and have an impact on your audience?
I recommend choosing all photos that use similar styles, themes, or other common themes.
See how I made a gift with an Apple photo. really!
Mark Miller of sontype
ComTip: creating a "comment" view of supplementary document PowerPoint using comments allows you to create a complete document in your presentation without overloading the slide information.
Visual signposts are used during the presentation, with notes in detailed documentation.
Nick SmithTip: abandoning the default layout, color palette, and clip art it's easy to believe that the default layout, color palette, and clip art in the slide of your choice will have a good effect
Design Slide masterpieces.
Unfortunately we all saw the same titlebullets-and-
Whenever we open PowerPoint or sit down at our weekly meeting, the clip art layout and the stick drawing graphics don't surprise your audience
The factors you're looking
Instead, I'm trying to find interesting palettes or inspirational magazine layouts using tools like Pinterest or Adobe kicker.
Kurman, articulate.
ComTip 1: learn to see the blank side, though critics say PowerPoint is a versatile application where you can create a wide variety of things, such as videos and custom graphics, in addition to presentations.
Whatever you build with it, the key is to stay away from the default template and learn to see blank slides.
Tip 2: Create your own illustration role using PowerPoint.
It is relatively easy to do so.
Even if you don't need these characters, learning them can help you to use the features of PowerPoint more skillfully, which will enhance your creativity and allow you to better integrate your presentation.
Here is an article where I show how to create my own role.
I practiced myself and created this self.
Portrait about 20 minutes later.
Dave don, flevey.
ComTip 1: using a consistent format, the key is that the format on the slide is consistent and impeccable-
The font size, face, color, alignment, etc.
Formatting can be very time consuming, however.
To format quickly and easily, learn about keyboard shortcuts and take advantage of PowerPoint add-ins.
Tip 2: create any chart using the automatic shape of the free shape. People often complain that the automatic shapes and SmartArts of PowerPoint are too limited and ugly.
In fact, you can create almost any chart you want using free shapes and images.
Take a look at this example, we created a 3D currency safe based on the picture on the Google image.
Marshall marchstein of Eslide
ComTip: emphasize the data with clean vision, and the audience can see the point through the artistic emphasis point.
High-value visual slides mean less time to explain what's on the slides and more time to interact with the audience.
Look before and after.
Rick Altman, better tip: When you witness death with PowerPoint, avoid PowerPoint death by doing these three things, most of the time because the speaker makes these three things the same.
He wanted to use his slides as a handout, he wrote a speech on the slides, he read the speech word for word . . . . . . Let's say show give = all same.
But when the speakers thought about the three principles separately, they began to differentiate themselves from the 99% speakers today.
You have to speak without a slide script, you have to create the slide and then separate the handouts-but each of your three tasks will get better and your work will become more valuable.
You give yourself an opportunity to create extraordinary things.
Eddie Rice, client speech writing.
Com tip: your slide should be a supporter of your talk plan, what you will say before you start designing the slide, before you create the slide and master the material.
Your slides should be the "supporting role" of your conversation"-
Not the main focus of it.
There are two ways to return: first, if something goes wrong with your speech, you will still be ready for the speech, and second, you will be more confident when you speak, because you have the key points of it.
Dave, think about it.
Com tip: Consider GPS when planning your presentation story don't start planning your presentation by copying slides in previous files, think like GPS when planning your presentation content.
At the end of the speech, clearly define the destination you want to take the audience to, and determine where the audience is now from the perspective of knowledge and on the subject, then plan to move the audience from where they are to the best route you want where they are at the end of the speech.
Geetesh Bajaj, Microsoft PowerPoint MVPTip: think about the simulation before you start creating a slide, before you think about the simulation digitally.
Take some paper and pencils and take a step away from the computer.
Imagine, conceptualize-close your eyes and think about your audience if it helps.
Then think about your slides.
PowerPoint MagicTip 1: The presentation needs to be audience-centric, and audience-centric rather than self-centered during the presentationcentric.
You have to work hard to create attractive slides using evidence
Based on how adults learn in order to make it easier for your audience to understand your information and take action based on your information.
Tip 2: More planning is required for mission-critical presentations if your presentation is a task
It is crucial that there is no reason to dump the word document onto the slide and then add the gist and deny its narrative as you are the time-poor.
After all, it may take you two years to watch a 90 minute movie for $15.
You will end up
Great, but the challenge slides over and over again are well worth the audience.
Schulink, Ideatransplant, January.
Most people will tell you that you should use a logical structure for your business presentation, and the website and the school books are full of suggestions on how to solve problems such as demand, market, competition, etc.
But rigid logical structures can make stories very boring: Film directors and writers rarely set their stories in 100% chronological order. So -
From the mouth of McKinsey's former management consultant, this may be strange --
When designing a demo process, think about the story first to present the solution, rather than relying on the logical structure you use to find the solution.
Charmaine Mumbulla, Make GreatTip 1: Imagine that you are a news presenter who delivers a message with a simple graphic and a screen of a few words.
In the same way, your slides should enhance and support your message rather than distracting you.
Tip 2: never compete with the slides for the attention of the audience.
Extra text, animations, and gorgeous transitions will focus your audience's attention on the screen, not you.
Think like a minimalist.
Create clean, neat slides with a small amount of text and large images.
According to the tip, Latisha Alford: each slide of the brand should have your target audience think and feel the way you want it.
Animation point rules
Highlight the key with animation.
PowerPoint tytip Konrad Schroth: use animations as effectively as many other PowerPoint features, and if not properly used, animations can be distracting.
However, if used reasonably, animation can strategically attract the attention of the audience, allowing you to "chunk" the information for a better understanding and help explain complex systems and relationships.
After all, we are "wired" to focus on sports. (See for more. )
Andrew Baldwin consultation tip: setting is critical "Look, I don't have the maximum vision, so I have to make sure that I have a paper copy of my material at hand, or there is a pd tablet that can be returned unless I have one or the top of the tablet in front of me and I am controlling the prompt
Not often twisted/turned).
"Setup" is very important to me because, depending on what I show, make sure my materials are clear, focused and arranged in order.
My stress level is proportional to how comfortable I am with physical settings/settings and the best set of slides or media presentations I can provide and works. (Control freak?
Maybe a little obsessive-compulsive?
But I'm relaxed because I know this is what I have and I can make a formal presentation the way I promised)
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