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2019 mock draft - paul mawdsley - a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-10
2019 mock draft - paul mawdsley  -  a smart board
Paul Mawdsley of Com predicted the first round of the 2019 NHL Draft: Top-ranked potential customers and real elites throughout the year --Level center people.
Despite Kappo Kakko's outstanding performance at the World Championships, New Jersey is smart to continue building.
As mentioned above, the Finnish winger has staged a wonderful performance for scouts in the past month, with six goals and 10 assists, help Finland win gold medals at the World Championships.
So far he's the next best candidate for Hughes, and the Rangers have to be happy to choose him here.
You can never have too much depth in the center position, and the Black Hawk can choose another location after Hughes.
In this case, they will go with a good and strong skater who has the trick of finding the back of the net.
Avalanches have seen the benefits of taking a defender away from the same place in Cale Makar a few years ago, so why not go back to the same well and add a quick offensive weapon in Turcott, this is probably the perfect choice for the King.
His offensive skills and solid two
Games departing from central location and Los Angeles will be happy with the choice.
He is very big, fast, and in the middle.
Combined with high-
Ending skills, willing to play body games, and the ability to score, Dach is a great addition to the young heart of the Red Wing.
Krebs, a native of Okotoks, has several days of speed and uses it to be blown by the defender to create a transitional crime.
He is not lazy as a shooter, but he is best known for his performance --
Manufacturing capacity.
While other teams are looking for talent in the middle, the Oilers grab a striker and one day he can fill the gap on the right side of Connor McDavid and Leon de la Setel.
A center for playing Edge Games
His 96-minute penalty last season proved that.
Thanks to his excellent speed, great skills and hockey IQ, Zegras can play at both ends of the ice.
Although short in size, Caulfield is much more skilled than he is. The 5-foot-
Winger is a game.
Players who changed the offensive area scored 72 goals for the US teamS.
National development plan for this season.
Boldy is another product of USHL, who is a sniper with an excellent wrist.
He is very aggressive in the offensive area, using his body shape and sticky handling ability to find open spaces that can shoot or find open teammates.
In the men's league in Sweden, Broberg has proven that he can keep up with the pace of the game due to his excellent skating.
Although there are some offensive advantages.
He leads the league with a score below.
9 people, 18 people
What sets him apart is his defense.
Soderstrom is an amazing skater who can keep in touch with almost anyone on the ice.
This speed helps the undersized defender when he starts to rush or defend back.
Probably the fastest player in the draft, Newhook took advantage of this speed and played on Top Gear with his skilled sticky operation.
His quick pace also helped him in the defensive area, where he was an effective penalty killer.
York is a smart hockey player whose footwork, speed, and persistence skills are impressive in all three areas.
He played very smart and defeated his opponent with positioning.
Lawoi is a big man who likes to take advantage of his size, which makes it difficult for opponents to do so in corners and in front of the net.
He played a strong game and tried to score, but he was more capable than cutting corners.
Goals are key and Kaliyev can do that in spades.
The left winger scored 51 goals for Hamilton Bulldog in 2018. 19.
But he's not just a scorer, his goal matches his goal --
With a total score of 51 assists, it proved dangerous at the offensive end of the game.
Good size, good speed, have a high advantage in the offensive area.
The stable defender showed his scoring ability last season in the missoga steelhead, scoring 11 goals and 58 points in 68 games.
On 2018, the rapid Center held a breakthrough campaign for Niagara IceDogs --
19. find the hemp rope 34 times and accumulate 72 points.
His skating ability and vision on the ice made him dangerous in the offensive area.
After grabbing kakaco with their first pick in the round, the Rangers followed up with a high-ceiling big mobile guard.
Nick Suzuki, the Canadian brother of Montreal, Ryan is a very similar player.
He saw the ice well and was an excellent passer and he could score because his shot was well released. This 6-foot-
Defeman man is a bluezer, but don't make a mistake, Seder is a fast skater who can play ice hockey easily and transfer the ice hockey to ice.
McMichael, a London Cavaliers product, is a great athlete who can do well in all three areas.
His high hockey IQ enables him to make the most of his physical qualities and create quality opportunities for himself and his teammates.
As the NHL game moves towards a faster and more dynamic game, Peltier is a player who can stand out. At 5-foot-
9. he is quite short in shape, but he has the speed and skills he needs to beat his opponent.
Samuel is the son of former NHLer Patrick Poulin, who wants to create his own legacy.
As a striker, he did some of the best work in front of the net.
The winger is solid in his position and should be able to contribute to a special team.
The knight is the best goalkeeper in the draft and should leave the field at some point in the first round. With the U. S.
He recorded a national development plan. 40 GAA and a .
Save 911 of the percentage in 30 games.
Beecher plays a game of thrones and most of his damage is near blue paint. His 6-foot-
3 frames allow him to win the battle in front of the corner or net.
His strong nature also works on the defensive side of the game because he throws his body away when needed.
A pure sniper, Brink has one of the best shots in the draft class.
He scored 35 goals and 68 points in 2018.
19. prove that he has a sense of smell on the net. An over-
At WHL's ager, Calgary, the AB natives have found his pace in the past season, scoring 36 goals and 89 points for Prince Albert Raiders.
He is in good shape. 6-foot-4)
And can do physical battles with anyone on the ice.
San Jose Sharks cousin Mark-
Vlasic and the team who chose him wanted some similarities between the two.
Alex is a big defensive player. He is best known for his work.
His attack is still going on.
Tracey is a former WHL Rookie of the year and a smart forward who can find a soft spot in defense and quickly leave his wristshot or one-timer.
He's from 81-
He scored 36 goals in the season.
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