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37 'eco-smart stations' to be set up in 3 months: railways to green body - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-21
37 \'eco-smart stations\' to be set up in 3 months: railways to green body  -  smart
The center told the National Green Court that the action plan to be developed for 37 railway stations is "ecological"
The "smart station" will be implemented within three months.
The center told a judge led by Judge Adarsh Kumar Goel, chairman of NGT that the railway bureau had identified node officials to oversee the implementation of environmental management systems at 37 stations.
"They will also act as regulators of environmental norms and have the right to develop and collect compensation in accordance with the" paid by polluters "principle.
They will be authorized to issue a receipt for the recovered compensation.
"This mechanism will be put on the website," Pinky Anand, an additional lawyer serving the railway, told NGT.
The tribunal took note of the submissions and stated that with respect to the next stage, an action plan should be developed for all remaining major monitoring stations, stating the stage --
Sensible steps and categories of implementation.
"The action plan may classify the number of stations at different stages, but all major stations should be covered within one year according to the pattern of 37 major stations already identified.
"We look forward to it.
According to the solid waste management rules 2016, centralized municipal solid waste factories can be established at the identified locations.
Executive director of environmental and health management (ENHM)
The railway headquarters, which can regularly compile the progress of the implementation of the action plan, and by entering the year, provide adverse consequences reports for node officials or others who fail to implement the action plan within the target schedule, the tribunal said.
It also stated that the railway commission may also compile the compilation data of the remaining major station action plans within three months and provide these data to the Central Pollution Control Commission for analysis.
"If the CPCB finds that the action plan has been formally implemented and the selected train stations meet the parameters of ISO 14001, these stations may be certified eco-
"Smart Radio," the court said . "
The green group said earlier that there is an urgent need for the railway sector to establish an effective implementation and monitoring mechanism that provides for individual accountability in the disposal of solid waste, littering of solid and plastic waste, defecation, etc.
NGT is hearing petitions from lawyers Saloni Singh and Arush Pathania who seek to take steps to inspect the property of the railway, particularly the contamination on the track.
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