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4 reasons why kids should make art on tablets - electronic drawing pad

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-15
4 reasons why kids should make art on tablets  -  electronic drawing pad
Even if you don't download them to your tablet or smartphone, you might think there is an entire gallery of paintings and art apps.
Some parents may turn their eyes to this digital idea as a replacement for real things, but, if you are a pure paper man and believe that pencils and paints are the only way out for your little one, you might want to go back to the drawing board.
Making art on a computer has a lot of benefits for you, your children and your family.
Is an app like a drawing board
Standard art program on laptop
Or a dedicated set of digital toys, the touch screen canvas may not replace your live art time, but here are four reasons why it's a good idea to add them to the combo. 1.
The creative process of any real artist involves reducing confusion and making it more stressful.
Of course, you can try to cover your child with work clothes, cover the table with flyers, only half
Fill the yogurt bucket with water and beg the children not to touch anything.
Eventually, there will still be some kind-
When they are over, a great disaster
Or give up halfway).
Washable paint and erasable marks (
As long as it is not accidentally mixed into the permanent)
Reduce the Threat of color explosions or accidental graffiti.
Still, for those times when it's tricky to quickly clean up your space or your child's face, or if you're traveling by car or sitting in a public place, limiting the chaos of the impressionist to the screen can give you peace of mind.
Unlike traditional etchinga-
Sketches, unfinished masterpieces can be put on hold and restored later.
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When your dear daughter first created the summary, your fridge gallery was full and you were excited that you designed it into a professional frame.
Now your fridge is covered with mixed stuff
Media family portraits and crayons landscape, your drawer is full of still colored --lifes.
However, digital art is not difficult to store.
There are many works of art.
Especially with parents, archive the app, but if you can save the image as JPGs, you might come up with a faster way to organize something on your laptop or cloud.
To show them proudly, your child can always plan Gallery displays on the big screen, or even better, you can buy a digital photo frame to cycle through the display. A 64-
Gigabyte card can hold more than 15,000 12-
Million pixel picture-
A little more than your fridge.
Of course, if you feel that art requires a touch of touch to be appreciated, you can always print out the best pieces. (
If you don't have a printer, there are also your local library or office store. )3.
New ways to share masterpieces (
Or deal with art cooperation)
Storing all this art digitally means you can also share it electronicallyMail or instantmessaging apps.
Not only in Grand Prix (
Or aunt, cousin or friend)
See the work quickly, but they can also entrust your child according to specific artistic requirements. (
Of course, you can also take photos of traditional paintings or paintings, but then you don't have to worry about light or blur. )
Sending image files back and forth also opens the door for cooperation or challenges.
For example, maybe your son drew something amazing, and then his favorite uncle colored it, added a cool background, or drew what would happen next.
Saving art digitally also gives you the opportunity to redesign your paintings for holiday cards or birthday invitations.
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Technical tools can learn blue and red for future children means better preparation, which makes Purple early in life, but playing in Photoshop can really reinforce the color theory. Your middle-
Students may not know much about CMYK and RGBor and are not ready to remember their favorite Pantone shades, however, seeing how colors are combined or interpreted provides a basis for understanding for numbers and percentages, this will serve them well in future science and math classes.
When it comes to preparing for the future, it's important to know a lot of artists --
From cartoonists who make comics, to graphic designers who imagine billboards, to great artists who find a place in Canadian galleries --
Changing brushes and pencils for iPad professionals and Wacom Cintiqs is under way.
Of course, most of them don't use their fingers on the touch screen or on the mouse --
They took the stylus.
You can find a child.
Friendly but make sure it is not broken or lost.
When it comes to drawing tools, price points are the most important place for traditional marking and painting.
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