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5 best gadgets of 2012 - best tablet with pen

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-14
5 best gadgets of 2012  -  best tablet with pen
When we look back on some of the best technology products in 2012, this is the time of the year.
The following is a popular selection of Digital in 2012, as well as two runner-up for each segment.
Despite the large size of the Note II, it turns out to be another huge success for Samsung, and surprisingly, it attracts a wider audience than those with large hands.
This is also one of the most powerful phones launched this year.
Note II, however, won the first place, mainly due to the use of excellent stylus technology.
The precision of the S Pen is high, and its different pressure sensitivity allows you to sketch with high accuracy. HTC One X -
Rs32 for Apple iPhone 5, 500
Rs45000the iPad continues to top the list every year, and while the fourth-generation iPad may not be a major 3rd-generation overhaul, it remains the best tablet at the moment.
The latest incarnation features a Retina display with precise colors and great viewing angles.
The new iPad is also equipped with a faster SoC called A6X, which has four
Core Graphics for smoother games.
The 5MP iSight camera is still the best camera ever installed on a tablet.
It can be recorded in full HD, as well as very good macro and low-light photography.
Asus Transformer Prime TF201 (64GB, Wi-Fi)-
Apple iPad mini (Rs46, 000)16GB, Wi-Fi)
LG 4 k TV or Ultra hd TV snapped up the show for its huge size and ultra-high resolution. This 84-
The Ultra HD resolution of 3840x2160 p is four times the full HD resolution of the Current TV.
While this content is still hard to get, it is really a technical achievement for LG and for high-Terminal TV in 2013. This edge-
The illuminated led TV has what LG likes to call a local dimming LED or LED Plus.
This will cause the part of the screen to dim or brighten depending on the scene, and the end result is a deeper black and lower power consumption.
Other features include built-inin Wi-
Fi and WiDi technologies, movie 3D, dual play, 3D world, smart sharing, and a range of applications will follow. Sony KD-84X9000 – Rs16.
9 lakhSamsung ua40eh5000 r-rs50000 compact system camera (CSC)
Attracted the love of many people because they provide you with DSLR-
Convenient quality photo with one point-and-shoot.
Canon has been waiting patiently on this stage and finally launched eos m, one of the best-performing CSC cameras this year.
The camera is based on the new EF-
M mounting system with 22mm f/2 STM lens.
The camera is equipped with the 18MP sensor of the Canon Digic 5 image processor.
You can choose to shoot stills of up to 12800 ISO and videos of 6400 ISO.
It also supports full HD recording, PictBridge support, HDMI, direct printing and more.
Samsung Galaxy Camera-Sony digital camera
RX100-Rs34, 500apple's next-
MacBook Pro is a feat worth seeing.
It managed to marry Gao.
The final performance of the chassis is as deep as some ultrabook today.
The highlight of this MacBook Pro, of course, is the Retina Display, which is able to squeeze at a resolution of up to 2880x1800 pixels. The LED back-
The swiips display gives you an accurate representation of the image, which makes it ideal for photo and video editing professionals.
Flash is also available in Retina MacBooks-
Based on storage up to 512 GB, your programs and applications can be opened immediately.
The notebook also features Nvidia's powerful Kepler GT 650 m gpu and Optimus technology. Connectivity-
It is wise that you will get Thunderbolt, USB 3.
Dual microphone and HDMI.
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