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5 cheap(ish) things that will keep you entertained for hours - drawing tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-05
5 cheap(ish) things that will keep you entertained for hours  -  drawing tablet
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When was the last time you sat around and played?
You know, turn on the Do Not Disturb mode and play for an hour or two like you did when you were a kid?
If you don't remember, it's time to revisit the old days.
The researchers found that game time for adults
Ups can improve work efficiency as a treatment channel and improve your overall healthbeing.
In addition, play can even offset the effects of stress, reduce inflammation, and may improve blood vessel health.
While this may sound a bit silly, all games mean engaging in an activity that you find interesting, something that is deliberately not serious, to get you out of real-life stress for the time being.
So, in collaboration with Wirecutter, the New York Times company that reviews and recommends products, here are five cheap products (ish)
Something that helps to get your leisure time back to a bit of fun. Slime-Make kitSlime!
What else is more interesting than playing sticky bacteria? With the Cra-Z-
Art Nickelodeon Slime Super Slimy, top selection of Wirecutter, you can produce four major categories of sticky things, whether it is transparent sticky, opaque sticky(? ! )
Painting tabletIf art is your first choice and Wirecutter's top drawing tablet for beginners is Wacom Intuos Draw.
It uses the most popular art programs on Windows and macOS, and Wirecutter's commenters found that Wacom offers the most precision in any tablet under $100
MIDI keyboard keep your creative with MIDI keyboard
Compact, easy way to create music with a computer-
Like Arturia MiniLab MkII, Wirecutter is the first choice for beginners.
DronesAn my old employer will hold a raffle every year to throw away all the items that have been actively sent to us over the past 12 months (
Of course, the money will go to charity).
I won a small softball game one year.
Drone size, you will be 9-year-
The old niece or nephew, but won the coveted prize in the lottery.
After I received the prize, my colleague
The workers and I happily ran back to the corner of the newsroom to test.
I ripped the package, charged the motor for a few minutes, and was ready to take off.
It was my first drone flight and as I expected I bumped it into the chair, the table and the floor.
An unsuccessful, turbulent journey, burning forever in my memory, because when I broke my new toy in the Washington Post Office, the editor-in-chief just passed by my department, through the whole ordeal.
He looked at the scene of my disastrous flight route and sighed deeply, then looked me in the eye and said, "No.
Anyway, drones are really fun, and Wirecutter's favorite drone for beginners is the parrot swing. (
For the record, he has a good sense of humor and is still joking, . . . . . . Yes. )
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