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5 companies that have redditors raving (in a good way) - wacom

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-07
5 companies that have redditors raving (in a good way)  -  wacom
I admit, like the other 0. 112 billion people who use the site every month, I'm obsessed with Reddit-the bulletin board site known as the "Internet front page.
When I was lying in bed at night, I went through the posts on the main page and then visited some of my favorite "subscriptions ", "This includes from the board of directors who are committed to getting you back down to a group of entrepreneurs who seek and give advice.
I recently stumbled upon a topic that was "what products do you like so much that they can do commercial advertising with you?
"Although many replies are too clear to be reproduced here, I was deeply impressed by the enthusiasm of uncensored fans.
One feature on Reddit is the ability to vote for comments up or down, so the most popular replies go up to the top.
Of the 10,651 reviews on this thread, here are some brands that can brag about being the essence of Reddit's crop. 1.
AquaphorWhat: a therapeutic ointment made primarily of Vaseline manufactured by Eucerin AG, a division of Eucerin.
Redditor Rave: "I use it as a shower gel.
I put it on my tattoo and I put it on my lips and I put it on my nose . . . . . . ~ The kingac 2.
Wacom TabletsWhat: computer tablet made by Wacom Co. , Ltd.
Wacom tablet with "cordless battery-
Free, stressful.
Digital pen.
Redditor Rave: "Long-
Long lasting, absolute quality, excellent customer service.
They are a bit expensive, but they are a great investment for a digital artist.
"~ First _ quadrant3.
Magic Eraser: Melamine foam made by BASF in Germany for cleaning the surface.
Redditor Rave: "changed my life.
~ Ihatelorimes (
2,202 people agree)4. Tempur-
Mattress: mattress made of sticky foam produced by Tempur
Peki International Limited
Redditor Rave: "I bought it on my 16 th birthday and it was like sleeping on the amazing cloud every night.
Strong but soft.
It's been almost 10 years and I don't think I'll ever have a different type of mattress.
Ask my TEMPUR-PEDIC! ! !
"~ Makinthebakin5Rain-
XWhat: common waterproof products produce ofRoyal Shell Oil attached to bySOPUS products SA.
Redditor Rave: "A friend of mine bought some rain back in late 1980 --
Tell me it's amazing.
We applied. It rained that night.
When we woke up, my friend said, let's go and drive. don't brush the windshield.
I really doubt it, but the water on the windshield is already very tight, so it's not dangerous to drive.
When I was 30 miles an hour, the water started rolling down from the windshield.
It looks like an instant of hyperspace or warp speed of a StarCraft.
I 've been hooked since then.
Other most popular brands include Costco (
Kirkland products in particular)
, Dawn soap, antisweat and original Creole seasoning by Tony Chachere.
Redditors also like a range of products without specific brand loyalty.
For example, the cinnamon roll topped the list with 2,051 votes and people asking for photos from each other.
Sadly, no.
Dry shampoo is a dark horse.
Does anyone know that so many people are using this product?
The Batist brand is the most popular, and a Redditor posted instructions for those who want to give it a try.
What does all this anonymous love mean?
Maybe it's just that Reddit has more to sell to advertisers than ads.
They may already be the biggest consumer feedback site on the Web.
What do you think?
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