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5 foreign school rules way better than the american version - smart board in school

by:ITATOUCH     2019-07-01
5 foreign school rules way better than the american version  -  smart board in school
If you have ever read anything on the Internet, you will know that the education system in the United States is not so hot.
Of course, the roar of political and cultural aspects that are barely known is not the only source of the US, but, global national education statistics do have some impact on the stereotype of "stupid Americans.
However, there are a few ready-made
We have solved many and many problems.
All we have to do is let go of our pride and let other countries teach us how to be better at school. For example . . .
5 Help schools with bad test scores instead of cutting their funds, which is better for students. Standardized exams have long been the default American standard for measuring how smart students are, and it is convenient to attribute the child's entire intellectual development to a range of extended Cosmo quizzes.
Normalization means equality, which means that every student, no matter what their course is, and no matter how often their teachers are occasionally drunk, is stuck on a universal educational baseline.
So if students fail, it means they fail.
To reflect this, the United StatesS.
Adopt the method of punishing schools with poor performance.
Will teach them.
Not except it.
The number and importance of standardized tests has become so bad that teachers often have to cut down on actual courses in order to teach students how to pass them.
In 2015, President Obama even publicly called for less time for children to sit in school and color them in a pile of bubbles that are said to prove how smart they are.
Since then, however, the government has not really stopped pushing standardized tests to the throat of the school system.
In fact, just a few months after Obama's request, the Department of Education has threatened to cut federal funding for states that dare to opt out of these tests.
But it turns out that the test itself may not be the problem.
In the same year, Obama made his request.
2015, for those who can't remember the beginning of this paragraph all the way)
Germany has developed its own standardized test plan.
They did a particularly good job of narrowing the achievement gap of the most vulnerable students, reaching 15 points.
What kind of test is this?
Did Wizards participate? German wizards?
The most efficient of all magi?
In fact, there is nothing special about these tests compared to standardized tests used in the US.
The only difference in Germany is not to cut funding for low-income people.
School of Performance
In fact, they actually support these "bad schools" because, surprisingly, giving schools more resources than taking them away actually helps them teach better.
They also don't have a public school score, which makes it difficult for parents to send their smart children to good schools and to create elite education.
Just by not punishing and embarrassing poorly performing schools, Germany has turned standardized testing into a system that bridges the gap in educational inequality and makes its global school rankings soar.
In addition, in the past 15 years, Germany has been one of the only three countries that have improved their national math scores, making them the top 20 in the world.
In the same yearS.
Slide to No. 49
What's worse than Germany is a few fingers.
Vocational training is encouraged to increase graduation and employment. In the past, you were either a genius or a rich man to go to college.
Having a college degree will allow you to enter the workforce elite group and pick you out immediately among other applicants to make a difference in the competition.
Now, however, university degrees are quite common.
The result of this is that we know less and less about skilled and knowledgeable businessmen because society has convinced teenagers that these jobs are lower than they are if they can enter college.
However, they did not realize that on the land of more than a dozen marketing majors in every marketing job, a man who learned the plumber was the king.
Vocational training dates back to the Middle Ages.
It relies on the notion that practical work experience is as valuable as being told to sit in a classroom.
Do you know how to wolf down with the person who taught you?
Congrats, you're a shoemaker now.
Today, this kind of education seems too bad for many people. academic, i. e. a bit stupid.
But even the most snobbish English literature major recognizes that there is nothing stupid about having a good English
Important work paid
Countries such as Finland and Germany that have invested a lot of resources in vocational education have some.
This may explain why about 60% of young people in Germany choose vocational education because when they graduate they can almost get a life-long job ---
They did it, about 90% of the time (
Compare with an approximation.
They were even paid for training.
An auto mechanic apprentice earns about $1,000 a month, about the third income they earned when they graduated.
Due to their great success, these programs have become available in Finland, with more than 50% of national youth applying to them.
This means that there is a Finnish HVAC technician at Yale University. Meanwhile, U. S.
College graduates beat each other with messenger bags during an unpaid internship.
So if learning trade is good for graduation rates and the economy, why is the U. S.
Go back with this?
Why is vocational education enrollment and programs steadily declining like new drama credits?
Mainly because, from about a generation, parents think their angels are special.
In a recent poll, only half of the parents surveyed said they would encourage their children to receive vocational education.
The dormitory admitted that they thought vocational education was under them.
The school also did not help in this matter.
Almost 25 students were told that they were too smart to receive vocational education and that they instilled the idea that becoming an investment banker would somehow learn how to fix it
Therefore, due to the mismatch between supply and demand, many "too smart" college students now have to start their careers and pursue a humble job that is not in contact with manual career projectsfoot pole.
Every year, McDonald's must have a college degree eager to flip the burger.
At the same time, children at trade schools now own and operate deep repair-
She just bought a house.
Teaching a second language can improve the overall performance of Americans who do not like to learn a new language.
Why do they want it?
Everyone else in the world speaks English, mainly because they are tired of it.
The horn yelled at them.
But there are actually several benefits to learning how to say more than just American words, not just to get you to order a bottle of French wine without embarrassment.
In fact, learning a second language may make you better at overall learning. Only .
This is largely due to learning a foreign language there, and many states allow you to fabricate it.
In California, you can choose between a foreign language and any art, because these two things are obviously interchanged. in thunder, you can use computer courses instead of learning a language, just in case you visit the tech-bureaucratic republic of Silicon Valley, you need to say something nerdy.
Compared with Europe, Europe requires students not only to learn foreign languages, but often to get on the bus in advance.
Most European countries require secondary schools to choose a second language, and some even require learning a foreign language because it is the way you exist in a global society. Belgium (
There are three official languages, ranking first in the global education index)
Language courses are offered.
Then, at the age of 13, they had another language in their mouth.
They can learn a little more in high school, but these are not mandatory.
It's a big trade secret, but whenever you type something in Google Translate, you'll be right away
Chat with a Belgian
Of course, it is necessary to learn different languages in Europe, where you may go the wrong way and eventually learn in different countries.
But even in the United States, it seems rewarding to teach students how to speak a foreign language in the brain.
Every additional year of foreign language learning is relevant, and a study of Texas elementary school found that schools with bilingual programs have high test scores.
Nevertheless, the United StatesS.
Besides English, its citizens generally refuse to say anything.
Only 15% of primary schools and 58% of secondary schools even offer foreign schools
Language teaching has been greatly reduced than 20 years ago.
The Belgian babies are kicking our ass.
2 compulsory rest and break between classes to improve classroom performance has always been an important tool for students to keep their attention focused, so that children can breathe fresh air and exercise on the playground, keep the bad kids focused on the smoke billowing behind the bleachers.
But in some parts of the country, schools are shortening their holidays.
The idea here is that eliminating "wasted" leisure time and replacing it with more learning time will improve productivity, but in fact it is the opposite.
A study of 2005 showed that breaks between classes-
This is just average.
It's important that some public schools in Chicago haven't had a break in the last 30 years.
Every minute of the school has to prove valuable since the "No Child Left Behind" program.
The government soon considered the adjournment worthless. -
For children, in the process of absorbing more knowledge in one day, this is not a necessary rest, higher than the average for adults throughout the year.
To make matters worse, because of the NCLB, one out of every five principals reports that in order to make room for standardized testing, it is necessary to specifically Shorten the rest time-
As we discussed before, this is a real waste of time.
So how does break between classes actually help children learn?
The teacher not only reported that students pay more attention after recess, but also performed better.
Good in Finland.
Students are known for having one of the best educational systems in the world.
In Japan, there are many other countries.
Students have breaks every hour.
In addition, in countries that believe in the value of the adjournment, in order for students to think completely out of school for a few minutes, they are often encouraged to go all out with minimal adult supervision.
A school in Tokyo allows children to ride a wheelbarrow on the roof, and students in another school use recess time to clean the school.
A Finnish student reported that one of his grooves was like this: "They sent us to the woods with maps and compass and we had to find a way out. " See, U. S.
Ministry of Education?
You can use recess as a threat.
We know you like this.
1 funding schools according to individual needs (
Not property tax)
To improve the performance of students at this point, it should be clear that one of the biggest problems of national education is elitism.
We like to look down on schools that take breaks between classes, do not offer language courses, focus on vocational training or do not perform well in standardized tests, and mark them as "bad" schools.
But, normally, it's not the school's fault, it's that they barely have enough money to keep lighting, not to mention investing in some government green products to teach anyone anything.
Fortunately, there is a simple solution to solve this deep-rooted problem and make our youngest generation the best educated generation in the world.
Schools in the United States only need to abandon traditional capitalism and become a small communist utopia.
It should be clear now that less money equals bad schools, but in addition to being punished by the government for poor standardized exam scores, why would one school have more money than the other
Two words of property tax.
Most of the school budgets are funded by property taxes in the region, which leads to some obvious headaches ---
That is to say, the children living in the community where the wardrobe is treated as an extra bedroom are much worse than the schools that children living in the community where the extra bedroom is treated as a servant dormitory get.
In some places, such as Chicago, inequality is so serious that a school in a rich suburb can be consumed as it is in the center of the city.
It's like the plot of an 80-year-old movie about the competition with the rich kids summer camp on the other side of the lake, just not so quirky, more irreparable destruction.
This survival-of-the-
The richest people may work on Wall Street, but at school it's as deadly for education as asbestos we still take out of the classroom.
It would be great if there was a way to make sure every school gets the same money, but such a system would definitely be crazy, right?
Yeah, crazy like Canadians!
Several provinces in Canada-the best-
By the way, performance. -
The school is, that means that the money the school gets comes from the tenth relative wealth in the country, not just the 10 blocks around the school.
While we do imply the despicable Communist nature of this system, it does not mean that every school has the same funding.
Instead, they took a more classic Marxist approach, that is, "to meet everyone according to their needs," using complex formulas to determine which schools should be visited in order to do the greatest good.
In other words, they use money as a Aid, not a reward.
The educational system in the United States is completely opposite.
Of course, different countries have different educational needs and there is no denying that this may not be a perfect system for the United States. S.
That is to say, it must determine the quality of children's education based on how large the nearby swimming pool is.
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