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5 life changing tech gifts for the woman in your life - smart notebook 10

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-03
5 life changing tech gifts for the woman in your life  -  smart notebook 10
Welcome to the best of the year!
The hustle and bustle of the festival makes everyone looking for the perfect gift.
So, the woman who bought something?
Here are five technological gifts in your life for women to change their lives.
Ringly $195, image Ringly.
Alert coma fashion rings for important calls, messages and calendar items. . .
What else can a well
Women who know technology want to connect to the Internet?
It is worrying that one of the latest brands to enter the world of wearable technology is the most popular item of the holiday season.
18 K gold plated metal, precious metal and semi metal with high quality workmanship
Ringly is a matching application for stylish and practical precious gems and customized reminders.
Evernote Smart Notebook for $24 Moleskine.
95, through the image of the store. moleskine.
ComThe Moleskine's Evernote Smart Notebook is an easy-to-use diary or sketchbook with a high-tech spin.
Once the user has completed the note or sketch design, they can take a photo of the page with the Evernote page camera and become a digital document that can be saved, searched and shared.
$149 Yellow Jacket stun gun case.
99, through the image of yellowjackcase.
Looking for protection in a new way?
The Yellow Jacket is a stun gun hidden inside the iPhone's shell.
The Yellow Jacket has two safety features to prevent accidental use, which can be activated quickly when needed, and has an external battery to charge the user's mobile phone.
Authorization package $119, picture via authorization package.
The unconscious woman needs to charge her mobile phone during the trip.
If the stun gun hidden in the case of the phone charger is a bit too bold, maybe the authorization package --
Charger hidden in chic leather handbag-
More appropriate.
The authorization package can carry all the necessities and save the equipment-
Charge and prepare for IPhone, android, digital camera and more.
Clarisonic Smart Profile $265, shot through clarisonic. comWell-
Clarisonic, a famous beauty brand, has developed a smarter way to clean the skin.
Smart Profile 4-
The speed face and body system is more powerful, can alert when changing the brush head, and has intelligent technology to interact with the smart enabled brush head.
Smart technology allows the device to automatically adjust between gentle cleaning and deep cleaning for the best experience.
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