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5 things our kids won't have in school - smart board in school

by:ITATOUCH     2019-07-01
5 things our kids won\'t have in school  -  smart board in school
If you go to the school classroom before 200, you will see something very similar to what we are today: the teacher speaks to a row of children sitting on a small table, and everyone pretends to follow in the textbook.
Maybe the blackboard has been replaced by a whiteboard or PowerPoint, but the basics have not changed for generations.
But they're coming soon.
Some of the most iconic things in school life will disappear forever. Things like . . .
Do you remember the break between classes?
It was one time when you could throw away the table and run around like an extra person in a crazy mess
Caffeine-containing bostone
Whether you're spending 20 minutes throwing dodgeball at dorks or backing down under the slide (
Dodge dodge ball)
The adjournment has become an institution for generations.
Thank you for your rest.
When the children stumble over their intestines and drag their buttocks on the sidewalk behind them, a few minutes of physical activity can be as the doctor ordered.
Four small letters.
For those who have been out of school for the past decade, these letters represent "no child has been left behind" and, for good or bad, a lot of work has been done in American education.
That's why: In 2001, President Bush and Congress passed a law saying that we have to do better in schools, especially in reading, language arts, mathematics and science. Fair enough.
The tricky part is measuring improvement.
For example, if you have to figure out if your nudity has improvedhula-hooping-while-eating-Nutter-
Batters skills, what will you do?
Of course, you will test yourself!
This is exactly what NCLB decided to do to the school.
Just not scoring your hula.
NCLB rewards academic progress by linking funds to standardized test scores based on speed, vassal slapping and performance skills. And that's it.
This is the reason why schools shorten their recess and fitness time.
Give more time to the people who make their money.
So far, it is estimated that it has been cut or is on the edge of the cutting groove.
For those schools that are desperately trying to grab the pieces of game time, more bad news is coming.
Dodge Balls have proven to be as popular in most schools as contracting herpes. Why?
Obviously, because the dodge ball can be lifted.
As for the label, it promotes--running? , apparently. That's right.
In a world where small baby sweatshop workers scratch and scrap to live, American parents fret about their children being labeled heavy on the playground.
Good luck in the future, children!
For most of us, summer vacation is the last day of school and can be called "summer Christmas ".
This is the day of the year, you can tear off your notebook, Moon your teacher, fart on the face of the principal, everything has no effect.
Because it's summer!
You're free!
What you probably didn't know at the time was that your little freedom binge was an outdated relic, the day your ancestors had to drop out of school every year to harvest family crops, you know something to eat
American children spend different time at school than other children around the world.
Until someone mass production time
Turner can get every American student, Hermione Grainger, out of school and time will have to come from somewhere.
Summer is as good as other places, especially given that long rest days mean the children come back.
It means they spend three months catching frogs and adventures in the creek, trying to remind the kids what they forgot.
Many areas are trying now.
Still giving the kids time to do round items of family things they'll do in the summer--students .
So, nine weeks of work, three weeks of play.
In this system, the children still put in about 180 days, but there is no waste of time to get everyone back to speed in the fall.
Other schools are considering the added schedule, which is something for President Obama and his education minister. In fact, --
It was about a million years ago.
2012, it is estimated that 10% of American students must do-
A round of shuffling has left those parents who have not yet solved the same problem with the care of mentally divided children very annoyed.
You may be able to predict the future success of your high school classmates based on the weight of your backpack at the end of the day.
The hunchback child, who seems to take half of the library home every night, is destined to be your doctor;
The guy who went home empty
Handed is more likely to appear in the episode.
The problem is that as long as the books exist, the textbooks will be hand-in-hand --in-
Work hand in hand with the studious life.
The more books you drag, the harder you work, the more you learn.
Surprisingly, the laughter of an era
The old tradition has nothing to do with money.
The school abandoned traditional books because of e-books.
For a generation accustomed to getting all the information from the display, books make more sense.
It will happen faster than you think.
In any case, in some parts of the world.
At this point, it should not surprise anyone that the United States is sitting on the cable of the paperless train.
For example, plan to book completely-
By 2015, the federal government had invested $2 billion to buy tablets for each student, in addition to the cloud computing system, it will also provide children with more text than their strong little backs can carry.
South Korea is not the only country on board.
Even everyone is investigating. Book conversion.
Don't think wrong, though.
Americans will not be dragged
When other developed countries send information directly to their brains, papyrus is rolled up. for e-
Readers of every public school classroom, and. . .
Remember, e-
Readers are more than textbooks.
Those bad boys can place maps, atlases, encyclopedias, and pornography, so academically it will explode the minds of young people (
Knowledge, pornography overload). And the kicker?
E-commerce in the long run
More readers than textbooks.
Why do you think it went bankrupt?
Could Greece consider them?
The biggest benefit of having a parting word and other honors is that, like the Hanlan Daren, a child who insists on wearing a soft hat and cloak every day, only one at each school.
For most children, the whole farewell ceremony is notissue.
In the second stage of your freshman year, you will know who will run for the election. you have not considered it again.
For a few elites, however, the competition for the top spot is.
The problem lies in the fierce competition.
Some people just can't overcome the fact that we can't be goodbyes, so they 'd rather cancel the title altogether than insult the rest of the class.
Better yet, why don't you name any of the usual whistle-offs?
Then, don't let each child make an inspiring Malachi speech, but it may not work when you have 10 children, 30 or 94 farewell words, like some kind of super-talented digital army.
In this case, you can do what the schools in Colorado, New Jersey and Houston do: pick the speakers by drawing lots.
In other words, you can mentally remove this from the list.
No one will win not much, but a lot of people will, just like almost everyone is in the playoffs in hockey.
So, what's next, get rid of the failing grades?
Everyone remembers their first F.
Maybe you are trying to hide it from your family or maybe you are too angry and use it to wipe your ass the next time you eat corn diarrhea.
In any case, messing up the red evidence of your teacher's disappointment is a rite of passage for all of us.
But failure is really not an option if some parents/educators succeed.
Failure makes students.
No one wants it, right?
That's why programs like zero are not allowed (ZAP! )are . In a no-
In the failure area, students can get A, B, C, D or H, which probably represents "haha!
You don't think we're going to give you F, do you? ? ?
Give us a hug, apple dumplings!
"After obtaining H, students have multiple opportunities to complete the work that the teacher is satisfied;
In the study hall, after school, or in extreme cases, at school on Saturday.
We can imitate the idea, but in some ways it makes sense.
After all, in the real world, you work until you finish the task.
Resign every time you fail on something, which will only get you fired.
Also, the goal of the school is not to classify stupidity from smart people, but to teach everyone as much as possible.
For struggling students, zero after zero is built into a big house that fails, and there is no hope of recovery.
It should be for them to catch up instead of constantly reminding them how stupid they are.
But once we defend it, it becomes ridiculous again: there are places where red ink is forbidden when writing grades, because we don't want to embarrass anyone either, so, let's say the country rhymes with England.
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