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5 things to know about n.j. gun laws - smart e table

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-26
5 things to know about n.j. gun laws  -  smart e table
President Obama has announced new administrative actions against federal gun control policies and the government.
Chris Christietouting himself as a Second Amendment supporter of the presidential campaign, gun control has become increasingly important in 2016.
Democratic congressman in New Jersey
Controlled state legislature-
Mixed success--
Implement new gun laws.
Meanwhile, Christie's convened a committee to study the state's licensing procedures, which, among other reforms, recommended relaxing the hidden standards for carrying applications.
Let's take a look at the gun laws in Garden State.
When it comes to covert carrying, New Jersey is a "likely to issue" state, which means that local officials or state police have broad discretion in issuing concealed carrying permits to applicants.
Applicants in New Jersey need to show a "reasonable need" for carrying permits, but advocates for the Second Amendment say officials here are too narrow in their interpretation of the phrase.
On 2014, New Jersey resident John Drake filed a petition with the United States government, but failed. S.
The Supreme Court challenged the "just need" standard, saying it was irreconcilable with the Second Amendment.
Christie's committee has called for changes to New Jersey's hidden carry regulations in order to be able to prove the individuals they desperately need
Protect the applicant by clarifying serious threats, specific threats, or previous attacks that indicate a special danger to the applicant's life, while others cannot be reasonably avoided and can therefore be obtained
"The proposals made by the New Jersey Commission for Research on gun purchase and licensing are ridiculed by gun control advocates and gun rights supporters.
Gun control advocates in New Jersey have also strongly criticized the state's licensing procedures for those who want to own guns privately.
Last month, the New Jersey Second Amendment Association released a secret video showing widespread abuse of licenses by local police departments handling license applications.
The governor's research committee also found that the licensing process was filled with delays and other illegal obstacles before people seeking gun permits.
Recent attention has been paid to New Jersey laws on gun Transport, which are more restrictive than many other states.
During 2015, Christie's pardoned six people accused of improperly storing or transporting firearms ---
Including a new Navy recruiter in Hampshire.
State law requires that the gun "be unloaded and packed in a closed and fixed box, in a gun box, in a securely bundled package, or locked in the trunk of the transport car, during driving, only deviations that are reasonably necessary in such cases should be included.
Christie's research committee's report found that the state needs more clear guidance on legal transportowned firearms.
Obama also issued a memo directing federal agencies to start working on smart gun technology.
In the state of New Jersey.
Loretta Winberg (D-Bergen)
She said she had already carried out the "Odyssey for more than 13 years" to drive the technology, which advocates say reduces the risk of accidental gun emissions.
A 2002 law requires New Jersey gun dealers to sell only smart guns three years after the guns went public.
It turns out that the law is controversial and advocates of the Second Amendment claim that the technology is not mature enough to allow the market to develop without government intervention.
Winberg has also sponsored a new version that requires retailers selling guns to carry at least one smart gun in their inventory three years after being reviewed and listed by national authorities.
The measure is waiting for the Democratic Party to vote.
Before facing a possible veto from Christie's, he said the technology did not exist and the law should be abolished.
The 1994 federal "offensive weapons" ban, which expired in 2004, was also on the table again, with congressional Democrats rolling out a new version last month.
It's never gone in New Jersey.
The federal version is based on laws passed by several states. -
New Jersey, including New Jersey, already has laws banning the sale of some half.
Automatic weapons since the beginning of 1990.
Then, as it is now, the law is backed by the former Democratic government.
Jim Florio has raised anger among gun rights advocates who rallied against the State Council.
From the Star newspaper on March 20, 1990
Ledger: Christie's committee focuses on making it easier for legal gun owners, and many crimes in New Jersey are illegal
Acquired weapons-
Many of these weapons come from abroad. A 2014 NJ.
Com analysis of federal data found that 80% of so-
The so-called criminal guns found in New Jersey were traced to other states, mainly Pennsylvania and the five southern states, which are known for the loose demand for guns: North Carolina, Virginia,
Gun rights advocates point out that this is evidence that the country no longer needs gun laws.
Supporters of gun control say stricter state and federal laws are needed.
One of Obama's initiatives announced this week is to expand the background checks.
The president said he would hire more reviewers and seek to get the states to provide more information, especially about people whose mental health issues might make them ineligible to buy weapons.
"This will not solve every violent crime in this country," Obama said . ".
However, he said his administrative actions could "potentially save lives and save the family from the pain of these huge losses.
Materials from AP and Star
Ledger archiving is used in this report. S. P.
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