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6 everyday things you won't believe famous people invented - graphic design tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-18
6 everyday things you won\'t believe famous people invented  -  graphic design tablet
Do you know who invented the sofa? Neither do we.
I'm sorry, Baron Kristoff de Kuchi, you are destined to die in obscurity.
Most of the things we use every day are invented by "some people", otherwise we will never know.
But again, there are things that are not only invented by people you know, but also by people you least want. . .
Roald Dahl invented an important medical tool, from the story of a whimsical candy maker to the story of a remote girl who gained power from terrible domestic abuse, roald Dahl is the main cause of your childhood trauma.
Wade's Dahl. Dahl-
Until shunt, that is, WDT, a medical device used to relieve the internal pressure of the skull after brain injury.
Dahl is not a doctor, but his interest in helping people with brain problems was in 1960, when his son Theo was hit by a taxi, fractured his skull and swollen his brain.
The treatment is to insert the diverter into the victim's head to relieve stress, but, at the time, the technique they often used was blocked by the brain, and it was completely a pleasant experience as it sounded.
Dahl thought he could come up with a better way, so he contacted a neurosurgeon named Kenneth Tille and a toy manufacturer named Stanley Wade to solve the problem.
Toss a good ly computer genius, you have committed a crime yourselffighting team.
After working together for three years, Dahl, Mahathir and Wade came up with their patented equipment to not only resist blockages better than current technology, but also to be cheaper and easier to manufacture.
Dahl's son recovered before the equipment was completed, so he personally did not benefit from it, but the invention continues to revolutionize the field.
Darl never saw a penny from inside. -
Not because he was screwed up by a patent, as is often the case with these articles ---
But because of him.
A good thing shines in a tired world.
Mark Twain invented the modern scrapbook bookmarkgreat-
My grandmother's favorite racial nickname.
But do you know what else he taught her? How to f**k. Probably. We assume.
We're sure he taught her favorite
Pirate hobby: Scrapbook. Twain was .
Wherever he goes, he will carry a scrapbook with him so that he can fill them up with photos of his travels, news articles about his work, and all the media of his conquering sexuality.
He was so invested in his hobby that the clumsy process of applying glue on paper actually just slowed him down, so he came up with a better way.
At 1872, he already had glue applied to the scrapbook on the page.
Each page is like a huge stamp, so you just have to lick the page up and down instead of fumbling with Krazy Glue (
Twain has a lot of practice in your great workgrandmother).
The RedboxRedbox that McDonald's gave us was the last resistance to the physical video industry.
You might think it was Blockbuster's idea. -
The internet tsunami washed away their profit margins, a crazy effort. -
But no, Redbox was originally an idea for McDonald's.
When profits began to decline in 2002,
Food companies are starting to explore other things they can make "quickly.
This is a large vending machine called "Tik Tok Easy Shop" that sells everything from milk, eggs to diapers.
The Tik Tok Easy Store has failed miserably, probably because people buying diapers from McDonald's is the dystopian parody world you expect to read in George Orwell's novel.
Another experiment, however, is the DVD rental vending machine.
Redbox has made great success in its first position. -
A McDonald's restaurant in Denver-
They quickly expanded to more.
Eventually, McDonald's sold about half of the company to Coinstar, and Redbox moved into the hearts of supermarkets, pharmacies, and people who were too old to understand the internet.
Beastie Boy named "Mullet" hairstyle forgot the first man to sport mullet, although we had good guesses about the quality of their personal hygiene.
Fortunately, we at least know who named the hairstyle. -hip-
The Beatty boy in the band.
Beastie Boys were more of a punk band in 1994, and they became hairstyles.
They even had a discussion about it, and here's the chorus: Then in the official Boy Magazine, they wrote a whole issue specifically for it, published some articles, such as "carefully consider the ancient history of wood" and "mul fish.
"The lead singer of the band, Mike D, praised the word as fictional, and the Oxford English Dictionary was the first time the word appeared in print.
Before that, it was just the name of a fish ---a fish.
2 Rock legend Todd Lundgren invented the graphic TabletTodd Rundgren is the legend of the rock world.
If you don't know the name, you still hear his work: he made an album of, and imaginative names.
But Rundgren is also a scientist, so when Apple started producing PCs at the age of 70, they contacted Rundgren to help.
Rundgren did a lot of pioneering graphic work on early Apple computers, and it was during this time that he met Alvy Ray Smith (
Later, the founder of a small company called)
Together, they began to develop a device that could imitate pens and paper and draw directly on a computer screen with a stylus.
In 1979, Apple released its first graphic tablet based on Rundgren and used all their creative energy to call it.
No, but the name is very attractive.
It stopped soon, but eventually became popular again in the form of an iPad.
So, if you are reading this, you can thank the person who brought you.
Salvador Dali designed an interesting, memorable logo for his candy company, so it was clear that he was in 1969.
By the way, this is after Dali became an artist. -
If you think the design is just to break even until the world rewards him for having such a wonderful beard.
Although Dali may throw it together in the seven minutes between the gallery exhibition and the dolphin walk, his logo survived for decades with few changes: dali also suggested that they place the logo on the top of the lollipop package rather than on the side agreed by the manufacturer.
This is a solid, simple and tasteful design. -
The artist voted that it was most likely to draw an octopus in the face of a woman, and the vomiting clock was placed on the hammer made with the baby's hand.
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