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6 ways to instantly reset after a rough day - digital pen and pad

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-22
6 ways to instantly reset after a rough day  -  digital pen and pad
In today's busy culture, a normal day in the office can be very wasteful.
Between pressing deadlines, work pressures and other pressing obligations that seem to never disappear, it's hard to get home without lying directly on the couch.
If you have a bad day, it's hard to find time and energy to relax.
You might feel like you haven't overcome it.
You are stuck in a tiring and busy life cycle.
However, don't let negative emotions stop you from trying some healthy ways that can immediately reshape your mindset and mood, after all, this bad day will turn into a really great day.
Try these simple and effective tips to get through the difficult times quickly and easily, where you can start your night in a fresh and positive way. 1.
According to the introduction book of the autonomous nervous system, when you encounter pressure, control your breathing and your autonomous nervous system will get out of control.
"At high stress, the body part that this system regulates starts to work abnormally: Your heart can jump quickly, you can sweat too much, sharon Cleere, mindfulness coach and author, said: "Your mouth and throat get dry and your breathing gets fast, short and irregular. ".
But you can disrupt the process by consciously changing the way you breathe, which can help you relax after a bad day, she says.
"Breathe in for four seconds, keep it for four seconds, and breathe out for four seconds," Cleere said . ".
"Then, once you feel calm and return your breath to a normal, natural rhythm, try again to make every breath the same as the last one. "2.
Create a positive spell for yourself, if you have had a hard day, you need help to overcome it, recite a positive spell, bring you a happy atmosphere as soon as possible, and bring back some self
Love and confidence
"The spell is thought [you]
Having a special intention and deciding to consider [with]
Purpose, "said Cleere.
"I particularly like the mantra and help you identify, acknowledge and accept your feelings while staying positive.
"You can follow this format to create your own mantra:" Nevertheless, I feel [AN EMOTION]about [A SITUATION], I [
Love yourself, safety, etc. ]," she says.
Or you can prepare some spells in advance, which you know will turn a bad day around very quickly.
It could be "I am full of confidence and luck in the world" or "only one day, tomorrow is brand new ".
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After a long day, try to record your emotions with pen and paper to reset.
According to 2005 studies published in Progress of psychiatric treatment, writing down how you feel can improve your physical and mental healthand long-term.
"What's unique about the diary is that when you write with pen and paper, instead of using digital media like a mobile phone or a laptop, Dr. cali Estes said: "You are attracting specific parts of the brain that deal with creative aspects and release specific emotions. "D.
Addiction therapists, life coaches, rehabilitation coaches, and health specialists.
"The diary will help you get rid of any negative thoughts quickly and very easily and reset the positive ones.
"If you need to relax at noon, you can also write a diary all day longday as well. 4.
If you are in a negative state after a busy day, put on your sneakers and become active. "Exercise —
Such as fitness training, aerobic exercise and yoga-
Not only did you eliminate all your anxiety, anger and attacks ,[but]
Estes said: "It will also release 5-amine and dopamine, which will help improve your happy chemicals and will also make your body feel better, which in turn will make your spiritAnd when one-
Sweating can help you vent, and continuous fitness programs can help you cope with long-term anxiety
According to 2013 studies published in the frontier of psychiatry.
In addition, she said that you are engaging your body and mind in releasing your emotional stress, both of which can cause you to overcome the stress quickly and forget about that bad day.
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If you desperately want to relax, look for CitrusIf and grab some of citrusy's stuff and let the scent play their magic.
"One of the fastest ways to reset is to carry the orange essential oil with you in the decan water heater and rub it on your wrist and pulse every time you feel stressed," Estes said . ".
"This will put you in a central position and make you feel less stressed almost immediately.
"You can try a similar lemon, too.
According to 2014 studies in the journal Nutrition, lemon balm and foods containing lemons can improve mood and cognitive ability.
Put a lemon balm on your hand so you can apply some when you need a quick reset.
The same is true of Japanese citrus feet.
According to a study in 2014 of the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, it contains fruits. 6.
When you have a bad day and need to relax, go out for a walk in nature or meditate on lush green meadows or nearby parks.
Nature has a profound impact on relieving anxiety and promoting health and well-being
According to a 2018 study of behavioral science.
A 2015 study in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health shows that simply looking at trees and green plants can boost your mood and reduce stress, so if you're stuck indoors, look out the window and see what tree you can find nearby.
Hug a tree when you are outside!
"While it sounds strange, the trees release very positive energy, and if you feel frustrated, angry or stressed, estes says:" just around the tree or sitting next to it, the spine rests on the trunk, which will make you feel Steadfast and balanced immediately. ".
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