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8 new features in windows phone 8 - smartscreen

by:ITATOUCH     2019-07-09
8 new features in windows phone 8  -  smartscreen
On Wednesday, Microsoft showed developers and specific audiences the latest version of the mobile operating system Windows Phone 8 in San Francisco.
While some call it Microsoft's last attempt to remain relevant in the mobile space, others are very excited about the products in Windows Phone 8.
Here are the top 8 features of Windows Phone 8. 1)Multi-
Core Processor supporting Mobile Phone 7.
5 only for single-Core processor. With multi-
The move will help Windows Phone-based phones compete with Android and iphone in the world. 2)
Windows Phone 7 is bigger and clearer.
5 at 480X800 (WVGA)resolutions.
Windows Phone 8 supports two new screen resolutions
1280x768 and 1280x720, open the door of the 720 p monitor. 3)
MicroSD support phone 8 comes with MicroSD support, so users are no longer limited by the built-in phonein storage. 4)
NFC wireless shared NFC or near field communication technology enables devices to communicate with each other through radio frequencies without any physical contact (
Like Bluetooth. .
Built-in Windows Phone 8
In NFC support that allows you to share information (like a contact)
With another NFC. enabled device. 5)
The next version of Internet Explorer 10 Windows Phone has the same web browsing engine as Window 8 PCs and tablets.
IE10 is faster and safer with advanced defense
Fishing features like SmartScreen Filter can block dangerous websites and malware. 6)
WalletYou can save debit and credit cards, coupons, boarding passes and other important information in your wallet.
It is paired with a secure SIM card or NFC and can even be used for payment. 7)
Nokia MapsMaps in Windows Phone 8 will be powered by Nokia and will provideby-
Navigate in several countries.
The ability to store maps offline in order to operate maps without a data connection will be a good advantage. 8)
New colors, user-adjustable tiles mean the Start screen is more personalized than ever before.
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