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8 technology etiquette tips for job-seekers - digital pen and pad

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-23
8 technology etiquette tips for job-seekers  -  digital pen and pad
AP Personal finance columnist Mark Jewell, Wednesday, February 18, 2009-
Websites like Indeed.
And LinkedIn.
Com increases the number of job vacancies you can track and the professional contacts you can make. E-
Mail and smartphones make it easier to market yourself and schedule appointments.
But think twice before picking up your BlackBerry and thumb.
Type a message to the hiring manager, the manager's email
The email address you secretly found on the Internet
In the end, finding the right job depends on the old one. world skills.
"Electronics usually let you in," says Dave Willmer, executive director of Robert Half Technology, the Technology industry recruitment division at Menlo Park, California. -
Robert Half International, staff consultant.
But you still have to face yourself. to-
"In the face of an interview, you have to have good references," he said . ".
"I think some job seekers are ignoring this because all the technical options and abilities have your name there.
"Wilmer, president of Club 5 in New York, and Kate Wendleton --
Job seekers, especially young people and technicians, are advised
Savvy people often abuse electronic devices and the Internet and deal rudely with professional etiquette.
Some of their suggestions: 1. AVOID E-
Email explosion: Resist the temptation to respond to every online work list in your field and focus on those jobs that are most suitable.
Only about 6% of the positions are filled by candidates recruited through advertising, and his company also conducts career research, winderton said.
If you can learn about a position that is not widely promoted through personal contact, then your chances of getting the job will increase because your competitors are less.
Explosive Electric
Mail, use the Web to research potential employers and, if you get an interview opportunity, allow yourself to recite key facts about the company.
"Too many people sit there all day, click on the send button on the computer, answer the ads and answer the ads," Wendleton said . ". 2.
Embrace snail mail: In your first contact with a future employer, if you join a large number of job seekers who send a "hire me" pitch via email, you are unlikely to stand out
Attach an email of your resume. E-
Mail is also too easy for hiring managers to delete.
By snail mail, you can control the look and feel of a carefully crafted cover letter and resume. With e-
Mail, the user's machine can control the setting of fonts and spacing.
Managers may be wary of opening additional resumes for fear of releasing computer viruses. 3.
Get personal information: if you choose e-commerce
Email sales, let them personal.
If you introduce yourself to the hiring manager you identified through a professional colleague, please enter the name of that colleague in the email
The subject line of the message and a concise description of the link (e. g.
(John Doe recommended me)
As a result, the manager is less likely to click delete. 4. AVOID FOLLOW-
Make up for the shortcomings: If you get an interview, please pay close attention if the hiring manager specifies how to follow up --up contacts. E-
Mail is a good choice because of its speed;
If you send one
Note by snail mail that it may be too late during the recruitment process to make a difference.
If the hiring manager-
Mail, send a message, resolve any unanswered questions during the interview, and state that you are also mailing hard copies.
In snail mail, you also sent a reference for the emailmail.
No matter what you do, don't follow up in an e-commerce interview
Mail sent by handheld gadget _ there is a good chance you will thumb-type a typo-ridden message.
Send short, timely emails using only handheld devices
Confirm an appointment or suggest an email that you are late for the meeting.
Don't type without thinking about grammar and capitalization, and don't resist including smiley faces or other emojis in your email.
"There is no suitable situation," Wendleton said . ". 5.
Comply with the boundaries: even if you manage to find the hiring manager's mobile number, don't call it unless you get permission.
"Mobile phones are considered private," Wendleton said . "6.
Insist on using the land line: for any telephone contact with a potential employer, please try using the land line.
With the phone, you have a big risk of getting an unstable connection if you are in a public place, losing it completely, or eventually generating excessive background noise.
If you don't have a land line, call from a quiet place like the hotel lobby.
Prepare the pen and mat so you can write down the information. 7.
Smart Network: If you find the hiring manager or other professional you want to contact on the online network website, don't just send an electronic invitation without explaining why you want to contact. An out-of-the-
Blue requests may be ignored.
I'm interested in your LinkedIn post.
I think you have 10 years of international experience.
"I also have 10 years of international experience," Wendleton said . ". 8.
Manage your digital footprint: hiring managers can go beyond your CV and references to conduct background checks online.
So be smart about what you post on social networking sites like Facebook, and if that's something you don't want employers to see, limit access to friends and family.
Again, consider it before posting political views or personal information on blogs or other online forums.
Consider posting under a pseudonym instead of your name.
"As a job seeker, I would encourage people to be conservative," Willmer said . ".
"Let's say that anyone has access to anything.
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All rights reserved.
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