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8 usb gadgets to make your pc smarter | the times of india - tablets you can draw on

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-11
8 usb gadgets to make your pc smarter  | the times of india  -  tablets you can draw on
The 01/98 USB gadget makes your PC smart if you 've been using the USB port on your laptop to simply connect the flash drive and the portable hard drive, you're taking advantage of its capabilities.
Here are some useful, completely quirky gadgets Ashutosh Desai and Savio d souza02/9Wi can use with this ubiquitous Port
Extended Fi range sometimes, internal Wi-
The Fi antenna in the laptop is simply not strong enough to connect to the wireless connection or even find it.
Well, don't worry.
All you need is a Wi-
Fi range extender.
These mini gadgets are embarrassing.
Connected via a USB port, it looks effective, but can improve the fidelity and strength of the signal.
So if you need a better Wi-
In your office, airport, coffee shop, public library, and even in the bedroom farthest from home, you may want to invest in one of them.
For security reasons, they come with WPA/WPA2 encryption to ensure your wireless connection is protected from intruders.
Here you can consider TP-Link TL-WN821N (Rs 620)
Using a single antenna or TP-Link TL-WN822N (Rs 1,200)
Because of its dual antenna.
Both support wireless 'n' standards with speeds up to 300 Mbps.
If you are looking for more than one thing, you can check out Asus USB-
AC56 supporting dual band Wi-latest "ac" standardFi (2. 4GHz and 5GHz)
The theoretical speed is up to 1200 Mbps.
03/9 external sound card cardsMost all the music and video digital laptops and desktop computers we carry with us these days, but almost all the personal computers and poor sound processors, barely do the sound of just music, movies and games.
External sound card for rescue!
These small boxes draw energy from the USB port on your machine and process audio with dedicated microchips and signals
Processing software. For 7.
1 channel sound, you can see the Asus Xonar U7 (Rs 6,500), while for 5.
1 voice you can dominate Omni in creative voice (Rs 8,500)
And creative voice X-Fi Pro (Rs 5,100).
These gadgets replace your machine.
Board audio processor, increase the audio connection option of the speaker;
In addition, you can get convenient volume control knobs, headphones and microphone inputs.
If you are looking for a personal voice-it can be used with your laptop but can only be used for headphone output-creative voice bully E1 (Rs 5,400)
Asus Xonar U3 (Rs 2,800).
The E1 also comes with a rechargeable battery, so you can also use it with a portable MP3 player.
04/9 biometric fingerprint scan if you have sensitive data on your system then you should increase security by logging in to it using a fingerprint scanner.
All you need to do is install and configure the portable USB fingerprint scanner and its driver software.
Hamster gen Hamster Plus (Rs 4,500)
Sensors using scratches-
, Vibration, static impact-
Resistant, so you don't have to worry about cleaning it all the time.
It turns on automatically when the finger is placed on it, and can authenticate dry, wet or scarred fingers.
USB biometric fingerprint reader (Rs 3,850)
It is a similar device that allows you to scan files and folders with your fingers.
You will find more general purpose scanners within this price range.
They are very different in terms of sensor speed and proprietary technology used.
05/9 graphics tablet if you are the creative one, you may want to give up the keyboard, mouse and laptop touchpad to allow you to interact more organically with your computer.
Explore the world of graphic tablets. These USB-
Electric devices include a digital slate and stylus that allows you to sketch, color and write like you do on paper.
Your sketch pen drawing will appear on the monitor of the software you are using, mimicking the minimum pressure you put on your graphic tablet.
Here, Wacom has an excellent range of tablets designed to fit the left sideand right-handed users.
First of all, you can think Wacom is a small one (Rs 4,350)or Medium (Rs 7,725)
Its compact form factor.
Your diagonal work area is 5. 7 inches and 7.
4 inch respectively.
In addition, the stylus works without a battery and can detect a pressure of up to 1024.
Professional photographers and designers may consider the Intuos series (
Starting at Rs 23,475)
Have a feeling of touch
Sensitive canvas, higher pressure sensitivity and accuracy, as well as customizable shortcut buttons.
06/9 "wireless" refill can not only connect to the laptop via USB, but also let you share the refill wirelessly with friends around you, how about?
The SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick works with computers and mobile devices.
You just need to plug it into the USB port from time to time and charge it (
Maybe copy the file you want).
Pen drives-16, 32, 64, and 128 GB (
Rs 1,800-Rs 6,400)
-Then you can stream music or video to them as long as three smartphones, tablets or computers are nearby.
The 07/9 light Sogo laptop does not have a backlit keyboard, which can vary when you are working at low level
Light environment.
But now, you can make sure that your keyboard and the area around your machine are illuminated with USB
LED lights available for less than Rs 100.
The light is set in a flexible rubber body that allows you to bend it in any way you want to make sure you get the lighting wherever you need it.
Now, if you want to use the lights in the environment, you can check the USB-
Power Plasma Light (
From Rs 1,000)
Not only does this look beautiful, but it's fun to play.
08/9 FansIf there is no reason why there should be no USB if you can have a light-
Help you keep your electric fan cool?
The price starts at Rs 300 and you can expect to buy models that are not only beautiful to put on the table, but strong enough to dry before the deadline
Sweat on the forehead.
When we discuss this topic, you can also consider putting a cooler cushion on your laptop.
Place your computer on these devices, and the constant airflow generated by its fans will ensure that your machine does not heat up even in most processes
Intensive tasks such as games and design software. Entry-
Flat pads can be purchased for Rs 500, but we would recommend brands like Antec, Belkin and Cooler Master, starting at Rs 1,200.
The 09/9 portable hubs with so many USB accessories does not include all the devices that require this interface to charge the battery, and you will definitely run the spare connection.
Portable Hub access.
These beautiful things allow you to add at least four additional USB ports to your machine so you can use the pen drive, Wi-
Fi dongles, lights, and more space.
Here you can consider devices like Belkin F4U021BT (Rs 545), iBall Piano (Rs 510)
Or beyond TS-HUB3K (Rs 1,640)
It's 4 USB 3. 0 ports.
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