a dark consensus about screens and kids begins to emerge in silicon valley - smart whiteboard soft

a dark consensus about screens and kids begins to emerge in silicon valley - smart whiteboard software

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-26
a dark consensus about screens and kids begins to emerge in silicon valley  -  smart whiteboard software
The person closest to one thing is often the most cautious.
Technology experts know how mobile phones work, and many think they don't want their children to be close to them.
The wariness that has been brewing slowly is becoming a regional consensus: the benefits of screens as learning tools are exaggerated, and the risk of addiction and dysplasia seems high.
Now the Silicon Valley debate is about how much exposure the phone is. K.
"It's almost easier to have no screen time than to do it," said Kristin Stecher, a former social computing researcher who married Facebook engineers.
"If my kids really get it, they just want more. ”Ms.
Shi TEC, 37, and her husband, rushab Dorsey, studied screen time and came to a simple conclusion: they hardly want to see any time at home.
Their 5-year-old and 3-year-old daughters do not have a screen time "budget" and do not allow them to work properly on the screen.
The only time the screen can be used is during the long bus trip (the four-
An hour's drive from count Tahoe)
Or when the plane travels.
She has softened this practice recently.
Every Friday night, the family watch a movie.
There is an imminent problem.
Stecher sees the future: her 39-year-old husband loves video games and thinks they can be educational and entertaining. She does not.
"When we talk about this, we cross it," she said . "
Stecher is about to be with a boy.
Some people who make video shows are now shocked by a place where children can now watch videos.
When asked to limit screen time for children, venture capitalist Hunter Walk sent a photo of a potty training toilet with an iPad and wrote: "We don't have a label product to buy.
Athena Chavarria, who worked as an executive assistant at Facebook and now works at Mark Zuckerberg's charity, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, said: "I'm sure the devil lives on our phones, it has caused serious damage to our children. ”Ms.
Chavarria did not allow her children to use their mobile phones until high school, and even now banned the use of mobile phones in the car, and strictly restricted the use of mobile phones at home.
She says she lives in the spell of the last child in the class to win the phone.
It was not until the ninth grade that her daughter received a call.
"Other parents would say, 'Don't you know where they are when you can't find the children? '? ’” Ms. Chavarria said.
"I think, 'No, I don't need to know where my child is every second of the day.
For long-term technology leaders, observing how the tools they make affect their children is like clearing their lives and work.
Among them is Chris Anderson, a former editor of Wired, who is now chief executive of a robotics and drone company.
He is also the founder of GeekDad. com.
"From the scale between candy and crack cocaine, crack cocaine is closer . "
Anderson talked about the screen.
He said that the technicians who made these products and the writers who observed the technological revolution were naive.
"We think we can control it . "Anderson said.
"This is beyond our control.
This will go directly into the center of happiness during brain development.
As ordinary parents, this is beyond our understanding.
He has 5 children and 12 technical rules.
They include: no screen in the bedroom until the summer before high school, network --
Horizontal content blocked, social media was not available until the age of 13, there was no iPads at all, and he enforced the screen schedule through Google Wifi controlled by his mobile phone. Bad behavior?
The child goes offline 24 hours a day.
"I didn't know what we did to their brains until I started looking at the symptoms and consequences," Mr. Anderson said.
"It's scar tissue talking.
We made every mistake in this book. I think some of my children are wrong . "Anderson said.
"We have a glimpse of the Gulf of addiction, some lost years, and we feel sorry about it.
His children attend private primary schools, where he sees the government roll out iPads and smart whiteboards, but "get into chaos and then retreat from all this ".
"Silicon Valley parents are not new to the idea of being cautious about technology.
A few years ago, the godfather of technology expressed these concerns, the highest level of concern.
Tim Cook in Area CE. O.
Earlier this year, he said he would not let his nephew join the social network.
Bill Gates banned cell phones until his children were in their teens. Melinda Gates wrote that she wanted them to wait a little longer.
Jobs won't let his children get close to the ipad.
But in the past year, one by one
Silicon Valley defectors are increasingly alarmed by the effects of these gadgets on the human brain. Suddenly rank-and-
Workers in Silicon Valley are obsessed with documents. No-
Science and Technology homes have emerged throughout the region.
The nanny was asked to sign. Telephone contract
Those who expose their children to the screen are trying to convince them to get rid of addiction by explaining how the technology works.
John Lily of Silicon Valley
Partner with Graylock and former C. E. O.
He said he tried to help him 13-year-
The old son understood that he was manipulated by those who made the technology.
"I tried to tell him that someone wrote the code to make you feel this way --
I am trying to help him understand how things are formed, the values that are entering things, and what people are doing to create this feeling ,"Lilly said.
"He said, 'I just want to buy my Fortnite skin for 20 bucks.
There are also some technicians who disagree that the screen is dangerous.
Jason Toff, 32, who is in charge of the video platform Vine, now works at Google and he makes his 3-year-
He thinks that the old play on the iPad is no better than the book and no worse than the book.
This view is so unpopular among his technical colleagues that he feels there is a "shame" now ".
"One response I got yesterday was, 'Are all the major tech executives limiting screen time, don't you worry? '? ’” Mr. Toff said.
"I think, 'Maybe it should be done, but I think I have always been skeptical about the norm.
People are just afraid of the unknown.
"It's against the trend ,"Toff said.
"But I feel like I'm talking to a lot of parents who are afraid of speaking out loud to fear judgment.
He said he recalled his experience of watching TV when he was a child.
"I think I was like this. K. ,” Mr. Toff said.
Other Silicon Valley parents say there are ways to make limited screen time a little less toxic.
Renee director, security researcher at the board of directors of the Humanitarian Technology Centre, does not allow passive screen time, but will allow a very short period of time on challenging games. She wants her 2-and 4-year-
Old kids learn how to code young so she embraces their knowledge of gadgets.
But she distinguished these types of screen usage.
Playing building games is allowed, but watching YouTube videos is not allowed unless it is as a family.
Frank babry in San Francisco
Executives at the beginning-
PebblePost, who tracks online campaigns and sends direct mail ads, tries to limit his 5-year-
The old daughter's screen time is Italian content.
"We have some friends who are screen slaves and some who are screen liberals . "Barbieri said.
He has read studies on the benefits of learning a second language at a young age for brain development, so his daughter watches Italian --
Language of movies and TV programs.
"To be honest, my wife and I would say, 'where do we want to go? '? ’” Mr. Barbieri said.
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