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a kingdom of believers - bamboo drawing pad

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-04
a kingdom of believers  -  bamboo drawing pad
When a Disney Collector makes a wish to a star, the dream of a loft treasure sometimes comes true. (
The end of the 1930 s competition ---Yes! )
When Disney lovers make a wish to a star, the desire for trivia will calm down.
These people like to talk about Disney.
Throw them a trivia (
The red sidewalk of the Magic Kingdom is designed to make the grass look greener)
Or highlight history (
TV makes Disneyland possible
Their fairy tale really came true.
Ask collectors or enthusiasts about Disney and you will think about utopia. Mickey Mouse (
Everything he needs.
This is a ticket back to childhood, it is a possible moment, the dream is infinite.
Lovers say today's Disney theme park is an escape to a world with clean roads, safe streets and friendly people, and the media is a message of entertainment and education.
In this world, the staff are actors, the customers are guests, and everyone is there to enjoy performances for the young and the elderly. (
On August, 400 million guests passed through the gates of Walt Disney World. This year is the 20 th anniversary of Disney World. )
"You watch the news," said 27-year-old Daniel Bauer, chairman of the world chapter of the National Fantasy Fan Club, a non-profit club for Disney lovers.
"The economy is so bad;
The situation in other countries is terrible;
Lost his job.
All of this is bad, but you go to Disney movies, or you go to the theme park, ride a Splash Mountain or Space Mountain and you are in a completely different world.
This is the best part to escape from reality.
"This is the message to communicate for generations.
"You know, it makes you feel young"year-
Disney actor Dwayne Jones dug his elbow with a smile and said he seemed to be sharing a secret he knew, something of fairy dust.
"Everyone wants to hear a story, you know.
That's why you went to the theater in the first place.
"If it's what information lovers want, this is what they will get in Orlando this week --
The Disney World Conference opened on Thursday.
They will go through "Utilidor", an underground tunnel network that supports the operation of the above-mentioned theme park.
They will study the production of EPCOT innovation, "entertainment architecture", "landscape magic" and "Disney show" in stores and on stage.
They will meet with artists, illustrators and animators, many of whom will sign limited-edition works from Disney and other companies such as Goebel, Armani, lederro and Laurentz. (
Items that customers do not purchase will be open to the public at the selected theme park website. )
More importantly, the people of the monastery will realize their dreams and meet legends including Dick Nunis. The 60-year-
The old chairman of Walt Disney's attractions will be a featured speaker who is part of Disney's life history.
When we opened Disneylandin California}
In 1955, it was a disaster.
Oh, my God!
Nunis said that his Disney career began with a summer job as he ended his desire to play football with a broken neck at the University.
"Look, we have to keep it clean," said Walter.
The first thing he said
Add more trash cans.
The second thing he said.
Add more people to clean the streets.
The key, he then said, is that if we keep it clean, it will train guests to keep it clean.
Walter believes: If you create the right environment, your guests will react to the environment.
Pay attention to the number of trash cans.
But you see, you didn't notice them because they were all entered into the area by the "theme. {
For example, the adventure trash can is drawn in bamboo graphics. }
This is another secret of Walter. Theme them in.
Where can you see people standing next to the trash can in the world taking pictures?
"Disney is not a corporate entity without dirt.
Right or wrong, the business empire has been attacked by environmental activists and criticized for bringing the little guy to court.
Nunis will fight back soon.
"If you don't protect your copyright, you will lose them," he said . ".
"So you have to bring certain lawsuits to get publicity to prevent others from using your copyright.
"Let me see if there are 43 square miles in any better place in the world {
Disney World," says Nunis.
For Disney lovers, these and other nagging problems are lost in this magical moment.
For them, the medium is information, a mirror that reflects their youth.
That's how David Tyrone, a 38-year-old Indiana high school teacher, saw it.
He has collected Disney's encyclopedia for more than 16 years and is co-author of this year's Disney Encyclopedia, published by Kentucky collectors.
"Our generation, baby boomers," Longest said, "never wanted to break the bonds of our childhood as our parents did.
We may not have experienced a great depression or a World War.
We will seize and stick to our childhood, and one way we do this is by returning to Disneyland periodically.
Like the Mecca of childhood
In 1986, William Chesterfield discovered Walt Disney World after retiring to Florida.
"I have done a lot of things in my life," he said . ".
"I 've been around the world and have never seen a place like that magical kingdom.
"It's just the charm along the way.
The little mouse just found me.
Walt Disney once said that the little mouse was "at the lowest point in my business fortune with my brother Roy, when the disaster seemed right, I suddenly thought of a drawing board on a train from Manhattan to Hollywood on the corner.
"Mickey Mouse" was the first cartoon character to express his personality, he added.
I thought from the beginning that he was a unique individual, not just a cartoon type or symbol that went through the daily life of comedy.
Mickey is just a little personality given the purpose of laughing.
"But did Walt Disney, who passed away in 1966, really envision a land full of illusions that would save crowded tourists from the storms of daily hardship, struggle, boredom and frustration?
No, said Dick Nunis.
Nunis recalled the evangelist Billy Graham's visit to Disneyland saying: "{Graham}
Just overwhelmed.
He stopped and said, "Wow, Walter, the world is amazing!
Fantastic fantasy world!
Walter looked at Billy and said, "Look around you, Billy.
Look at all the people.
All ethnic groups. All languages. All smiling.
Everyone is happy together. ' He said.
"This is the real world, Billy.
Fantasy outside.
"I have never forgotten this," says Nunis . ".
"I think that's what we care about.
"When you make a wish to the stars. . .
For information about the National Fantasy Fan Club, please call 714-731-
4705, or write: NFFC, P. O.
Box 19212 in Irvine, California92713.
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