a look at: the lenovo thinkpad tablet with the stylus - tablets with stylus for drawing-ITATOUCH-i

a look at: the lenovo thinkpad tablet with the stylus - tablets with stylus for drawing

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-16
a look at: the lenovo thinkpad tablet with the stylus  -  tablets with stylus for drawing
Tablets are a new craze in 2011.
Mobile computing is developing rapidly in the direction of tablets without looking back.
The film initially promoted the Apple iPad released in April 20.
Since the iPad came out, many companies have embraced the concept of tablets and have made many improvements in the pursuit of a perfect tablet.
Now Lenovo, the leading maker of laptops, has entered the competition for this perfect product.
On August 23, 2011, Lenovo released the Lenovo Thinkpad tablet with a stylus.
Since its launch, Lenovo Thinkpad tablets have received a lot of attention.
So how does this tablet compete with its competitors? Let's find out!
Lenovo looks a lot like Lenovo.
The Lenovo Thinkpad tablet is sturdy and durable.
These qualities are the "iconic associations" that Lenovo strives to make all products tough ".
Personally, I like Lenovo Thinkpad tablets.
This gives me confidence in the quality.
I feel safe with the tablet and I don't mind giving it to my kids.
Other design features that make up the product include: two cameras (
One in front and one in the back)
, Stylus holder (
In the case of no stylus, can be filled with plastic box)
, And buttons for web browsing, screens-
Swivel lock, back and home.
Lenovo's size is about the same (10. 3 x 7. 2 x 0. 6 inches)
However, as with most other tablets;
It is slightly heavier and thicker than other leading tablets like the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab.
Overall, this design is very standard for most tablets.
A distinctive feature of Lenovo's Thinkpad tablet is its overall "tough/sturdy" design.
Lenovo Thinkpad tablet provides users with many practical functions that are convenient and enjoyable.
Lenovo Thinkpad tablet runs Android 3.
It contains most of the standard Android features.
Users can access the full Android market.
Many popular apps are pre-installed.
Some of them
Apps installed include Netflix, Gmail, Kindle, etc.
However, Lenovo has added its spin feature to the software, which is not purely Android.
Lenovo has made some minor adjustments to Android software to make the device better.
Some features like App Wheel are added by Lenovo.
Some people think this function is very useful. some people think this function is very annoying.
App Wheel allows users to access their favorite top six apps without having to change the screen or exit the App.
No matter what app you run, the app wheel is always accessible at the bottom of the screen.
I find this feature helpful and handy, but for Android veterans who are not willing to make too many changes, it can be confusing and hard to get used.
Another key Android feature of Lenovo adjustment is the ability to close the app using the specified button.
I found this to be a good feature that most users don't agree.
It can be a bit of a pain to close the app in most Android devices, because you have to kill the program by setting up and task management apps.
Lenovo's innovative solution to this is to add a specified "exit" button to each application.
It's easier to close the app now than ever before.
Subtle changes like this make Android on Lenovo's Thinkpad tablet very enjoyable. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250], 'Brighthub _ combox-
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The hardware features of Lenovo Thinkpad tablets are not disappointing in the hardware category.
The most significant hardware feature of Lenovo's Thinkpad tablet is the stylus.
Few companies release tablets that are compatible with styluses.
Having a stylus is a great feature for almost anyone.
Whether you're a student who takes notes in class, a contractor who draws a map of the venue, or even a kid who wants to be more precise with graffiti, a stylus can help you a lot!
Lenovo Thinkpad tablet has a port of stylus on the side, which ensures the security and security of your precious stylus.
These styles are really precious because the price tag above is $39, which is very expensive. 99.
Another notable hardware feature of Lenovo's Thinkpad tablet is its two cameras.
Front camera 2 pixels, rear camera 5 pixels.
The screen of Lenovo Thinkpad tablet is quite good. It is 10. 1-
Inch with a resolution of 1280x800.
Whether the brightness on the tablet is set low or high, the image quality will not waver.
The movie looks spectacular with all the lights and all the views.
Overall, the hardware features of Lenovo Thinkpad tablets are great.
When you find it has a stylus, it puts this tablet on top.
Conclusion The Lenovo Stylus pad Stylus tablet is definitely the tablet I recommend.
This is good for both entertainment and business.
In general, anyone who writes will like this tablet very much.
It was very innovative and the stylus gave me a thumbs up.
Lenovo's Thinkpad tablet is priced at $499 on par with its rival tablet. 99 (
16 gb model).
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