a metro, cycle routes and more: 9 projects set to transform cambridge by 2029 - what is a smart bo

a metro, cycle routes and more: 9 projects set to transform cambridge by 2029 - what is a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-02-28
a metro, cycle routes and more: 9 projects set to transform cambridge by 2029  -  what is a smart board
Cambridge is one of the few places in the world where radical and futuristic ideas are the norm.
Whether the proposed thing really happens or is better for the city is another matter --
Of course, we don't lack them here.
Not all of them are bad either because our city center needs to be revived, roads need to be improved and public transport needs to be rebuilt.
But there are ideas that are happening or may happen that will change the face of our city forever.
What we decided to do was to list these ideas and prepare you for what our city will look like in 10 years.
If everything comes true
Good or bad.
It's been more than two years since we were here.
5 billion A14 Cambridge-Huntington improvement program, which will be completed by the end of 2020.
When we reach 2029, we will have a smooth, uninterrupted and faster journey for nine years (if only).
This will include: As the residents will no longer be known to God, but we will have a new subway if money suddenly appears on the tree.
County's own subway (CAM)
The proposal of the Internet will completely change the transportation system in the region.
A strategic outline business case has been written, which claims that the metro will link the city to towns in the area, such as some towns in Suffolk, including Mildenhall and business cases, it was also found that the results of the subway, which will create 100,000 new jobs, as well as 60,000 new homes.
The plan will expand to about 142 km kilometers, including: Construction will start at the earliest 2021 kilometers, and the core subway infrastructure is expected to be built between 2023 and 2029 kilometers.
There will be no pressure on our driver (if only)
Because we will have a new bicycle network throughout the city.
We will end up with a 26 km discount.
Highway route from Trumpington and Addenbrooke's to St Ives.
This will mean the connection between Cambridge station and the new Cambridge North station, which will be around 3. 5km.
The trail will also connect the Addenbrook hospital to the biomedical campus in the South, as well as the commercial and scientific parks in the north. The north-to-
The South Railway, which is closely linked to the railway line, will provide a faster and safer route across Cambridge.
This will be closed to a large extent.
Roads or driving along quiet streets, avoiding busy intersections, connecting green spaces in Cambridge, including: will exist and road works will reduce traffic chaos in the city.
The program, which consists of five different projects in Cambridge, aims to improve walking and cycling links with schools and workplaces.
This will include: Possible existence.
These are the 12 sep arate routes that enter Cambridge from towns and villages, including: part will be replaced by a huge new urban area.
You can see houses, business and community spaces covered on the land near Cambridge North station.
According to early estimates, more than 5,000 new homes will be offered in the new quarter and about 7,000 new jobs will be created.
The hotel has a wealth of retail and amenities, as well as about 20 acres of open space.
The exact amount of £ 0. 193 billion provided by the government for the project to the council housing infrastructure fund has not yet been confirmed.
However, the relocation of water plants and house buildings may take place by 2024.
Although the new subway will transform our transportation system, the public can also use the new railway line.
As part of the East-West rail proposal, the Cambridge-Oxford rail line will see a faster and more direct route between the two cities.
In addition to potential new stations in southern Cambourne, Bassingbourn and St Neots, Tempsford and Sandy in Bedford also have options for stops.
Once done in the East-
The West Rail will be a key part of a new £ 7 billion infrastructure network.
These lines are expected to be completed in stages.
Oxford to Bicester has been built, and the line from Bicester to Bedford has already started to work --
Introduced from the end of 2023.
The Bedford to Cambridge line is expected to be completed in 2020.
New restaurants, public squares and 125-room hotel.
The center will have a new "dining" area, an open roof terrace and an expanded public square.
The hotel will accommodate 288 guests.
In addition to this, the program aims to add 22 circular spaces to the existing 36 near the Church of St. Andrew.
These plans are expected to be completed by 2021.
But lawmakers have set aside £ 100,000 to study what the market can do --
This is the center of the city in the largest space.
Provide upgrades the city wants to see.
The executive committee of environmental services and downtown Rosy Moore said that the timing of the project will depend on the results of the first phase
Is to see what can be done.
Outdoor seating has been proposed and can accommodate stage for large and small events.
Underground bins and circular parking are also possible.
The Cambridge people and visitors to the city will comment on the market proposal within two years.
Consultation period in summer and early autumn.
In the fall, the council's review committee will consider what people are going to say and any changes in the design that are fed back.
On this basis, the Council will decide whether to pay for the more detailed design phase of 2020/21, which will pave the way for the submission of planning applications in 2021/22.
If approved, the reform will begin.
If the subway is built, it is considered a meaningless idea, but it may also exist by 2029.
The plan is expected to ease traffic problems that threaten the region's sustainable growth.
In its current form, vehicles are likely to become autonomous space shuttles.
You ask who knows if that means an autonomous future bullet bus with miles per hour.
It looks like Cambridge will soon have a completely different police station.
Park Side police station closed last month announced
This means that the force will have a new headquarters.
The station is located in a prime location, partly on Woolworth Street, where the price is over 1.
Five people 3 millionbedroom house.
Police and Crime Commissioner Jason Ablewhite was valued at £ 35 million in 2017, with an annual operating cost of £ 4 million.
Mr. Ablewhite announced that he had signed an agreement to move forward with the proposal for a new police station.
He reached an agreement with Ely parish to allow exploratory work and field investigations on a website in the suburbs of Cambridge.
For "business reasons", the force did not tell the location of the site.
The chief of staff had previously revealed that they wanted to evacuate by 2020, but certainly planned to do so by 2023.
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