a multimedia portrait of an artist in action | kolkata news - times of india - writing pad for pc

a multimedia portrait of an artist in action | kolkata news - times of india - writing pad for pc

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-25
a multimedia portrait of an artist in action | kolkata news - times of india  -  writing pad for pc
Kolkata: it is a portrait of an artist on lights and sounds, canvas and computer.
This is a merger of painters. ™The world of film photographers™In the United States
The artist Samir Aich and film producer Ladli mukadadhyay have been deeply involved in the "composite Art ".
Their theme: Paritosh Sen.
As he grows older, his passion for new things or his excitement for adventure is not taken away.
So we found the cameras and the staff taking over. ™The same goes for the living room, dining room and bedroom of S Alipore apartment.
In the dim light of the night, mukopedia™S camera zoomed in on the writing board, while Sen wrote in the artist Sakti Burman's book Dreamers on the Ark.
Aich tried to experiment with lights, and the colors he imagined colored the reality in various shades.
It's not a canvas, when Aich is focused on trying to mix the color of artificial light with the last few rays of the sunset.
Then the camera goes into the bedroom, where™Jayshree, her wife, was in a nostalgic mood with a distant look in her eyes.
She tells about the days when Sen wrote to her every day when they asked for love.
There are at least 200 letters.
They also have pornographic paintings of Sen.
She remembers that I used to tear them off quickly before my uncle intercepted them.
Young Sen lost pornographic paintings, but it didn't take long.
Sen said I can recreate the drawings if you like.
After a while, everyone couldn't say anything and then said "this is Paritoshda ".
Jayshree also seems to be tasting the taste of film production, which is not fresh to her.
Earlier, Sen also made a documentary.
Aich stressed that this is not a documentary, but a document through the composite art, in the non-
Film and his multimedia art.
Aich was very enthusiastic about this "novelty" adventure he paid tribute to Paritoshda.
This is a joint venture, and Aich and Mukhopadhyay also work together as directors and producers.
I want to capture every aspect of the person: his creativity, his age, his talent for the story --
His works, of course, his art.
He will draw about 30 paintings on Sen and make the installation.
A episode where Sen will interact with the audience.
And this is Mukhopadhyay. The one-
The hourly movie is expected to open in next March.
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