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a smartphone's bff: teens and tweens - smart table for kids

by:ITATOUCH     2019-07-15
a smartphone\'s bff: teens and tweens  -  smart table for kids
(Business 2. 0 Magazine)--
Forget to check email on your phone-
This Is Show 2004.
Today's teenagers do more on mobile devices.
Fast texting with closed eyes is just the beginning, and the technology barely keeps up with their growing demand for new features.
That's why young consumers are an ideal group for mobile phone manufacturers and operators eager for data revenue --
Unlimited messages and a $1 song download charge $5 per month, just a few examples-
Due to the continuous decline in call costs per minute.
In just two years, mobile phone users in their teens grew by nearly 26% (
This is a full 10 percent higher than the growth rate of 45 -. to 54-year-
The same period of old customers).
There is ample evidence that teenagers want advanced features on their phones.
This is also true for the replenishment room. the 8-to 12-year-old crowd.
So why not make a smartphone for teenagers and teenagers?
After all, it is they who are driving some of the most advanced mobile trends.
Mark Donovan, a senior analyst in Seattle, said: "This is a world that has never seen a mobile phone, and they have a lot of expectations for their devices.
M-based research firm: Metrics.
"Almost all kinds of mobile media activities, if you look at what will be taken-to 17-year-
They do more things with their mobile phones than ordinary phone users.
"According to a recent survey by M: Metrics, 47% of teenagers take pictures with their mobile devices --
This is twice the industry average.
Young people also have access to social networks, share pictures and videos, and browse mobile networks, which is a lot more than people who are older and have low technology --
Smart peers.
However, despite the active mobile activities of teenagers, smartphones such as Motion BlackBerry (
Called "CrackBerry" by some addictive users ")
Palm's Treo is mainly for commercial users --
Old company customers are always tied up by their emails.
Indeed, the development and manufacturing costs of smart phones are very high, and minors are not the ones with the strongest consumption capacity.
But mobile devices like slimmed
Motorola Q and Samsung's 21 points have lowered the price of smartphones
They only sell for $100 (with a 2-
Year contract of course).
The new generation of mobile phones is also more fashionable, more multimedia.
More focused than their predecessors.
"They don't want to walk around with a phone that makes them look like a fool," Donovan said . ".
"Style and ability should go hand in hand.
"It turns out that kids don't want phones that look like they made for kids.
For example: AT&T stopped a child earlier this year --
Center, simple Five
In 2005, new-button phones began selling because analysts said sales were sluggish.
Manufacturer of AT&T phones, Lincoln County, Illinois-
The company, based in Firefly Mobile, went back to the drawings and created a more optimized-
Call between the rooms
The upgraded device is called FlyPhone and there will be more buttons in addition to the "call mom" and "call Dad" buttons --
Camera, MP3 player, game and picture included-
Sharing capabilities.
"Children are not afraid of technology," said Tang debule, founder of Firefly . ".
"The new phones allow them to do more of what they want to do.
"FlyPhone will be available through retail channels such as Firefly's website and Target (
Fortune 500
Stores before the end of September.
According to Deubler, if there is no contract, the equipment will be retail for $125.
Other handset makers and operators are also providing more advanced devices for young consumers.
Helio in little Los Angeles
In fact, mobile operators leasing spectrum from Sprint launched the ocean-a youth-Function-centric
Fill mobile devices with two sliding keyboards-last March. With its full-
QWERTY keyboard, GPS service and MySpace application program although price for 295 dollar but Ocean close to teen intelligent mobile phone (
Price for this device to new Helio users)
This is still something that many of them cannot reach.
In addition, as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO)
The impact of Helio is also limited.
As of the last release, the company had 100,000 users
This is trivial compared to any of the four major mobile operators.
Big players will do the same. Sprint (
Fortune 500, AT&T (Charts), Verizon (
Fortune 500or T-Mobile -
Start to pop and sell innovative, low-cost smartphones designed for young people?
M: Donovan, an analyst at Metrics, said: "Teenagers have a lot of interest and activities online . ".
"It's natural to think you'll see more penetration of smartphones in it.
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