a solution for kids social media addiction teach them to use tech more responsibly - smart board f

a solution for kids' social media addiction? teach them to use tech more responsibly - smart board for kids

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-21
a solution for kids\' social media addiction? teach them to use tech more responsibly  -  smart board for kids
The World Health Organization announced last week that "gaming disorders" or video game addiction is a "mental health disorder" similar to gambling addiction ".
Less than 24 hours later, standing inroom-
At the Cannes Lions festival, two prominent executives, Tristan Harris of Google and Scott hagdoen of Omnicom, issued a terrible warning, say we are in the world, especially among teenagers, because we like addiction ".
Analytics firm Flurry's data shows that we spend 5 hours a day interacting with about 88 apps on our smartphones, including apps related to video games.
So, Cam Adair, founder of online support community game Quitters, recently stressed in an interview, "We are not ready for the massive tsunami.
"To be honest, we should do that.
Ten years ago, the dark side of technology was actually Dr. Karen Sobel-
Lojski, a researcher and a technology entrepreneur at Shixi University, thinks the problem is "virtual distance ", it is a digital device that can be mathematically quantified and scientifically studied to measure communication.
I can argue that ominous signs can be traced further.
It's the summer of 1980, and I watched the endless episodes of three companies and Gilligan Island for hours on the couch.
"My sister Alexa interrupted me and she needed me to get out of her way so she could watch Magnan Pi and I was attracted to it too. We weren’t out-of-the-
Ordinary lazy people in summer.
It is our duty to do housework.
But they keep getting some help from mom and dad. Sound familiar?
Television 30 years ago was just Netflix, video and computer games and Instagram today.
I am no different from my parents;
It's hard for me to see my baby. a 13-year-old, 11-year-old and three-year-old —
Sit on the sofa in front of the screen for hours in a row.
Looks too wasteful.
As the founder and CEO of a technology company focused on children, I say that!
But in reality, it's just a waste.
With regard to millennials wasting their collective lives on the Internet, smartphones and computers, a lot of ink has been spilled.
More and more people are against it now.
Among the young people who are disappointed in the negative aspects of technology, among the child development researchers, they lament that our technology-driven world has deprived children of something that makes us human, even among industry giants like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, he admits that his platform needs overhaul, especially with regard to content for children, and is working to fix it.
No wonder there are almost two people in a recent survey in the UK.
More than 30 primary school students said they wouldn't mind if social media had never been invented.
The problem is global.
A unesco annual report for 2015 stressed the need to restore so-called "horizontal capabilities "--
Critical and innovative thinking, interpersonal skills, introspection, global citizenship and physical and mental health --
Among children, due to the disturbing trade-offs of introducing more technology in education.
All hands though
Screw the mud-
The truth is that Instagram, video games, Netflix and everything else in the digital world will stay here.
So how do we use this technology to achieve better goals?
Shouting, jumping, and talking about "consequences" is not valid.
MORE: blame social media for making us more rushed and emotional.
Can we solve this problem?
Social media companies want us to indulge in approval.
WiFi made us smarter.
Facebook needs to learn news, and "political advertising" is different from "garbage. One answer I would like to provide is to use our child's interest in technology to turn it into something productive
The problem is not the screen time itself, but the time is usually simply consuming content, whether it's games, videos or social media.
Computers, smartphones and tablets are the greatest creative power of human invention.
It would be nice to use them like this.
Coding and other dry words
For example, typing skills should be seen as an integral part of the development of children, just like sports, art and music, and the "three Rs" of reading, 'riting' and 'Rithmetic.
Economy and employment market in 21 century
It will focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
The Smithsonian reports that there will be two.
At the end of this year alone, there are 4 million unfilled STEM jobs, so today's children must be able to succeed in this environment.
Also, let's make it fun and productive instead of avoiding screen time.
Let's encourage "make" games, not just "play" games.
"My company iD Tech Camps operates summer Camps across the country, specifically designed to train and encourage internal scientists, engineers and mathematicians for each child.
We offer courses in game design, coding, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc, all to stimulate lifelong interest that is critical to STEM, we have a large number of alumni working in these fields.
The key to the solution is to engage parents who recognize and are able to develop their child's interest in technology and ensure that technology is consumed effectively.
In fact, there are a few things parents can do.
We do it in our own home. to create well-
Balanced kids and nervous
Woven family unit.
First of all, when we go home, the phone will be placed on the charging cabinet (even mine! ).
It lasted until the children were in bed. Even a three-year-
The old know when the parents are engaged and when to pay attention to her instead of pretending to pay attention to her.
Second, there were no smartphones before high school.
I understand that there are no real shortcomings and inconvenience
Communicate with the children's time.
But this is not a bad thing.
This gives them the opportunity to be resourceful and solve problems.
Next, while game, TV and screen time are not completely banned during the week, homework, housework and family dinner are the first.
Whether at home or in a restaurant, Dinner is a device-free.
Eye contact on the phone is disruptive and will attract everyone.
So, put the phone on Do Not Disturb or put it away. It can wait.
The simple truth is that everything we do in the future will revolve around technology.
Every job requires technical knowledge.
We are trying to explain to our children that they either have the opportunity to consume or to build the future.
Yes, technology has its disadvantages, but it has unspeakable hope that it will not disappear.
Children only need to be guided thoughtfully and directed to a place full of creativity and passion. Pete Ingram-
Zoi is CEOof iD Tech Camps, a STEM education company based in Campbell, California.
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