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a ticket to ride through smart software cities - new smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-14
a ticket to ride through smart software cities  -  new smart board
Anyone who often travels through major cities such as London, New York, Chicago or Frankfurt, Paris or Barcelona will no doubt be exposed to the city's public transport system.
These systems all run on some form of rolling stock, and today they all run on some type of software, depending on the location, age and complexity of the transport network itself, in the face of delays, local passengers tend to show varying degrees of impatience.
London Metro passengers are known for their apparent disbelief and surprise when a sign tells them that there will be no more than three minutes for the next train.
Yes, imagine, for three minutes.
The software runs your Metro, but although many passengers seem to show obvious annoyance, how much will they be bothered if the system crashes completely?
The use of smart city software systems is expected to help strengthen our Metro transport network and make impatient Londoners happy, although it is clear (if successful)
We even have the risk of lowering the threshold of tolerance.
The problem with public transport systems anywhere in the world is that budgets are always tight and managers have to keep on balancing repairs --or-
Decision to replace the sick fleet.
Technical Product disseminators and product strategists for digital supply chain and enterprise resource planning (ERP)
Kevin Price Company Information
Price believes that many cities are exploring a digital approach, and we are now seeing cities applying smart technologies to make systems more efficient, safer, and sustainable, and to respond to the needs of their communities.
The price of Infor has determined four driving pressures (
Probably a pun intended)
This makes the prediction of the future business a challenge for the management of the metropolitan transportation system.
Parts and components included in each vehicle, such as tires or brake systems, also require their own maintenance and estimated life.
For example, computerized components may have a shorter life span and need to be updated frequently.
Looking forward to the future, we can use the price proposal including enterprise asset management (EAM)
Tools to track and monitor assets, schedule preventive maintenance, and document service details.
Building our next smart city the new smart city in the future is working with the Internet of Things (IoT)
A sensor embedded in its core structure.
These sensors will track a variety of physical properties and monitor early warning signals for potential problems.
Data that exceeds the set parameters triggers an automatic response, such as scheduling a technician to check or replace a part.
The price of Infor explains that sensors can also be installed in critical locations such as bridges or highways
Ramp to help monitor traffic patterns and related environments such as weather or time of day.
He refers to the use of artificial intelligence (AI)
Predictive analytics will use artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science algorithms to predict a range of possible outcomes.
Advanced Software tools now allow transport managers to see the world ahead and predict trends. And all on board?
Yeah, but it's not that simple, is it?
These are huge software systems. we're not talking about plug-ins. and-
Play technology at any level. e.
Even the most customized
The systems built will require a careful adjustment and customization approach that will enable them to work with real-world data traffic created by human traffic.
If we really build new smart software, the technology will stop --
The smart subway system drives the cities of the future, and software intelligence has not yet found an answer in any public transport network.
When someone creates a technical solution to fight so-
People known as manspreading, people who put their feet in their seats, people who speak too loud on their smartphones, people who refuse to get other passengers off before trying to board the plane, not for the elderly
Or pregnant women)
Aseat or passengers who insist on listening to music too loudly on headphones. . .
Then we all have tickets.
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