a webcomic on mental health with a twist of humour - wacom-ITATOUCH-img

a webcomic on mental health with a twist of humour - wacom

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-06
a webcomic on mental health with a twist of humour  -  wacom
A young man in a gray hoodie and black trousers was sitting in a bubble and floating in space.
Narrow: there are hundreds of people like him, each surrounded by their own bubbles, drifting.
Millions of people, millions of world.
Comics SandSerif has set off a wave on the Internet to deal with topics such as depression, low self
With a hint of black humor, the need to respect and verify.
Its creator is a 21-year-
The old man from Mumbai prefers to use his nickname --and pen-name —Sandy.
By mail, he explained the reason: he wanted the comic to be his identity.
"I like to be a character.
I don't want to put a different name or face on it yet, "he said.
The name "Sandserif" was created when he used his nickname and font to go around.
The manga, which started in June 2017, is the way Sandy communicates with the world, telling them that everyone feels lonely sometimes.
"The comic is basically my projection on paper.
"It's all autobiography," he said.
Whenever a dark idea disappoints him, he translates it into a comic.
The eyes of his main character are shaped like a Chandra Bindu in the dwanarry script: a bowl with dots on top.
As a result, his eye bags seem to make him tired forever.
Another interesting quirk is that the character has never painted a mouth.
This has to do with how uncomfortable its creators are talking.
"I'm not very good at expressing myself by speaking, be (the reason)
Social anxiety or just my personality
Although language disappointed him, art has always been his catharsis.
"Art comes from a deeper place than conversation;
"Visual effects can always convey more than just words," he claims . ".
In one of SandSerif's comics, the character faces a woman who throws a literal "compliment" at him ".
But they all hit the wall.
Low self labelEsteem —
Spread on the floor.
In another place, a non-exposed man called anxiety walked around with his day and messed up everything for him. A modern-
Day equivalent to left shoulder of the Imp.
Comics like this resonate with his growing online audience.
"I let people thank me for making them feel like they're not alone.
Of course, I feel the same way when I see this information, "he said.
Most of Sandy's comics are in black and white, and he is satisfied by imagining a parallel world in color.
This contrast increases the sense of alienation in society.
"I'm not going to start the comics until I completely picture them in my mind, laughing points and everything," he added . ".
He used the wacom tablet to draw them digitally in Photoshop.
Sandy found a way to make money from his art and he worked with e-commerce company Threadless
Commercial website and artist online community in order to sell his goods: mug, T-
Shirt, hoodie, pillowcase, etc. his cartoon is printed on it.
Given Sandy's sense of humor, he may follow in the footsteps of Hobbs, the character of comedy legend Bill Watson. "If we can't laugh at things that don't make sense, we can't react to a lot of life.
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