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accused jayme closs kidnapper was 'smart' but 'lazy' - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-20
accused jayme closs kidnapper was \'smart\' but \'lazy\'  -  smart
Jack Patterson is a "lonely man ".
"Even if the rest of his 2015 Northwood high school graduating class posed happily to take pictures, he sat behind the computer.
Smart, lazy, bad social.
None of his classmates could foresee a bloody death spree at the age of 21. year-
The old man was accused of committing a crime.
"Someone said, 'let's take the last picture!
A former classmate told the radar.
"But he didn't want.
"It's hard for him to talk to people . . . . . . He never opened his heart to anyone.
"Patterson has no friends or any school groups other than the quiz bowl.
"He is smart, but he has never applied himself," the shocked classmate said . ".
"He is lazy.
Patterson is accused of kidnapping 13-year-old Jayme Closs and murdering the girl's parents.
For nearly three months, nebbish Patterson has locked Closs in a remote, dirty cabin 112 kilometers from Jayme's home.
Terrible crime shocked the Midwest
Including Patterson's family.
"I only care about Jayme's family now.
"I want to give them a note," his father Patrick Patterson told CNN . ".
"I'm sorry, I can't speak.
The girl's grandfather, Robert naibberg, said he thanked the father of the accused murderer for his sympathy.
"You can't blame your parents," neberg told The Associated Press . ".
"A man is 21 years old. sometimes he doesn't grow up like this.
According to criminal charges, Jack Patterson was charged Monday with two counts of intentional homicide, one kidnapping and one armed theft.
Investigators claim Patterson killed Jayme's parents James and Dennis Closs during a break
At her home near Barron, the girl was then imprisoned in a cabin about an hour north.
Dennis Closs's father, Naiberg, said his granddaughter continued to recover while living with her aunt.
Namberg says Jayme will live with her aunt forever.
"She doesn't want to talk to anyone," neberg said of his granddaughter, but said her aunt was "slowly bringing her out of her shell ".
Naiberg said Jayme wanted to go back to school, but it was not clear when that would happen --
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