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airdrie named top 10 finalist for smart cities challenge - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-22
airdrie named top 10 finalist for smart cities challenge  -  smart
Airdrie City and Airdrie and regional health cooperatives have the opportunity to receive a $10 million prize as they are nominated as one of the 10 finalists of the Smart City Challenge.
As a finalist, the city received a grant of $250,000, with detailed suggestions around the concept of creating an open data health platform.
Users can view all their medical records and access information and resources from public, private and non-public sectorsfor-
Make healthy choices for yourself and your family. The co-
The purpose of the operation is to help improve health --
The care system serves its members. Co-operative vice-
Chairman Don Bell said the application was about connecting health care numbers.
"Fundamentally, it's a digitally connected community from a health perspective, so we can have our own health now.
Apart from health, we have a 24/7 connection with these things in life, "said Bell, who holds a cell phone in his hand.
"If you look at the pillars built in the game, we will hit them with an amazing resonance.
I don't think other people's initiatives are as deep as ours and as rich as ours . "founder.
Mayor Peter Brown, a board member of the coalition government
He said he was not surprised by the good news.
"Our application is very different and very unique compared to most other applicants," he said . ".
"I don't know what's more important than someone's health.
This will not only affect Airdrie.
If we can make it work here, imagine the potential around North America.
Al Jones added that while other apps are good, it's better for their apps to be able to share it than others.
"It's not just a strategy to serve this community only.
"If we succeed in implementing this in this community, we have the ability to change things across the country," Jones said . ".
Cities and cooperation organizations
Operative submitted their 24-
Page application at the end of April.
If Airdrie wins $10-
Millions of bonuses, it takes two to five years to complete the platform.
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