all brexit options are on the table - uk conservatives chair - interactive table for schools

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-02
all brexit options are on the table - uk conservatives chair  -  interactive table for schools
LONDON (Reuters)-
The Conservative chairman of British Prime Minister Theresa May said that all options for how to get Britain out of the deadlock in leaving the EU are on the table, but it will be difficult to seek a customs union with the EU.
"We have to see what we can do next, we have to do something different, and on Saturday, when asked if May will try again to submit her withdrawal agreement to parliament for a vote, brandon Lewis told BBC radio.
On Friday, lawmakers rejected May's Brexit agreement for the third time, sending Britain into chaos on the day it was scheduled to leave the EU.
"Parliament will continue this process on Monday and we have to consider all options," Lewis said . ".
As Parliament and the government are deadlocked in May's agreement, it is unclear how, when or even whether Britain will withdraw from the EU.
Lawmakers on Monday will try to agree on a plan to replace Britain's exit from the EU, which could lead to a cross-cutting of most peopleparty support.
The options for the most support so far include closer relations with the EU and a second referendum.
Lewis said that the choice of the customs union would be difficult to achieve because it violated the Conservative Party's promise before the 2017 national election and did not respect the results of the 2016 Brexit referendum.
Asked about the way to get out of the deadlock was to hold a new national election, Lewis said he did not think British voters wanted to return to the polling station.
The BBC says government officials do not rule out the possibility of running.
Lawmakers have proposed a vote between the most popular scheme and May's agreement.
Lewis supported May's continued role as prime minister, but said he knew the Conservative MP had sent her a letter asking her to resign.
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