all scuc classrooms equipped with smart boards - small smart board-ITATOUCH-img

all scuc classrooms equipped with smart boards - small smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-29
all scuc classrooms equipped with smart boards  -  small smart board
With the start of the week, every classroom in SchertzCibolo-
The Global City School District is equipped with smart boards, making SCUC one of the few areas to do so.
Thanks to the technical upgrades carried out over the past four years, the area has just completed the installation of all 880 classrooms from primary to high school.
Most of the money for the installation of smart boards comes from the 2006 bond package, some from the National Technology Grant.
Smart boards made by smart technology Canada are interactive whiteboards installed on walls such as blackboards and connected to computers and projectors.
The whiteboard is an interactive display where the projector displays the desktop applications and programs of the computer on the whiteboard, and teachers or students can control the computer, fingers or other devices with a pen.
"Smart boards allow teachers to do whatever they want," said SCUC technology integration administrator . ".
"They can navigate by computer in front of the classroom. . .
I can actually teach from behind the classroom (
Because of wireless devices). They (teachers)
Not tied to the old teacher's desk in front of the classroom.
The technical director of SCUC says both teachers and students like to use the smart motherboard.
"It's a neat tool for teachers and students.
They seem to like it very much.
"This is unlimited," says Hall, what teachers and students can do with a smart motherboard --
Rotate and operate the size of notes and graphics;
Highlight sentences and paragraphs;
Focus on a picture or chart;
Make charts in different colors;
Take the internet as part of the course.
A math teacher at Clement High School says using smart boards makes learning more enjoyable for students.
She said: "It makes them interested in spirit and they are learning. Even the ones (
Not on the board)
Look at their peers and say, oh, how cool Joe is doing this, so they want to get involved (the lesson). ”, an eighth-
The grade math teacher at Corbett junior high school says smart boards allow teachers to connect with today's Internet-savvy students.
"A smart board allows you to combine the technology of the computer age in the classroom, and that's where the kids are," he said . ".
"We can reach them.
It takes the old transparent way and overheard and incorporated into it in a modern way.
Wagner says using smart boards allows him to do a lot in a class.
"There are a lot of things you can do," he added . ".
"You have the whole world in your classroom, and it's not limited to what textbooks and teachers know.
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