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amazon steps up on hoverboards - electronic smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-01
amazon steps up on hoverboards  -  electronic smart board
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published on 23/1/2016 (1233 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date. SAN FRANCISCO —
Amazon now offers a full refund for customers who purchase hovercraft
Balance the riding equipment involved in multiple fires and explosions.
So far, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has investigated 40 such incidents.
The most recent happened on Tuesday in Santa Rosa, California.
There, a girl bought a hoverboard during the holidays and plugged it in.
Paul Lowenthal, assistant fire chief for Santa Rose, said: "from the burning mode, investigators are able to determine where the fire occurred . ".
Their family was away at night, but two of their dogs were killed by smoke.
The fire also caused nearly $250,000 in House losses.
Flammable properties of lithium
Ion batteries used to power popular devices are a serious concern for CPSC.
Amazon Chairman Elliot Kaye said he was "happy" that Amazon will now allow customers to get a full refund.
"I would like to commend Amazon for its initiative to strengthen, provide free remedies and put customer security first.
I encourage consumers to take advantage of the services offered by Amazon.
He called on other retailers and manufacturers to take action and provide a refund.
Especially online sellers, who stop selling until we have more control over the safety of these products.
"The Commission is currently investigating 13 hovercraft manufacturers, importers or distributors :-
Smart Balance wheel/One Stop Electronics—
Smart Balance wheel Scooter/skateboard-Hover-way Hands-
Limited liability company-free electronic/digital productsSwagway Hands-
Free smart board/Swagway LLC-
Smart Balance Board/I tilt air pad-E-Rover-
Mini Smart Balance car/LeCam Technology-
Smart Balance wheel/Kateeskitty-Hoverboard360. com—
IMOTO/Keenford LimitedYOOLIKED—
Smart Balance wheel/Luxiyan and-Uwheels—E-
Rover Smart Balance Wheel-
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