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amazon unveils echo show with touchscreen and video calls - touch screen board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-22
amazon unveils echo show with touchscreen and video calls  -  touch screen board
Amazon has launched a new version of the Echo speaker and Alexa smart assistant with touch screen and video call capabilities. The voice-
ControlledEcho Showhas a piece ~
Users can make video or audio calls through it, control smart home devices and fashion screens for online shopping.
Amazon said it was designed to be "a new way to get along" because it allows users to "talk to family and friends with Echo or Alexa apps ".
Echo Show operates in a similar way to Amazon Echo and Dot speakers that are currently using Alexa virtual assistant to answer questions or perform voiceActivate the task.
In addition to the pancake, it has 7-
Inch touch screen, 5MP foward for camera and Dolby speakers.
It can make a video call to a specified contact, and it can also play the content of Youtube and other apps.
The call function allows users to contact friends or family members who have an echo display or Alexa app on their phone by asking Alexa to "log in" them.
The video caller will initially only see the frosted glass picture and if accepted it will turn into a full video call.
The touch screen also allows users to send text messages and make audio calls to users of other Amazon Echo devices.
Amazon suggests that Echo Show can also be used to replace security technologies such as baby monitors and front door cameras.
The Amazon show will be held on June 28 for $229 (£177)in the US.
Amazon has not announced the release date or price of the UK.
The Echo Show is the second Alexa-
Amazon launched an electric product this year as it is vying for home control with Google homes and other voice control assistants.
Last month, the Internet giant released an Echo Look with a camera but no screen.
This appearance that can take photos and videos using voice commands is promoted as a "style assistant" that can judge the user's sense of dress ".
While Amazon and Google may have a preliminary advantage in virtual home assistants, Microsoft and Samsung will launch devices offered by virtual assistant technology in the fall.
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