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ann hamilton. - pressure sensitive tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-17
ann hamilton.  -  pressure sensitive tablet
Last summer, an Hamilton, the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts, installed a stylus, 2010, a single institution
Spanning, working in multiple parts of the Pulitizer Foundation of Art (
It can still be seen until January 22).
In doing so, she made contact with the head of the communications field ---
Text, sound, hearing, recording--
This is what she does most of her work.
However, although estylus is by far the most active project in Hamilton, providing multiple entry points and participation opportunities for the audience, the resulting communication is still very elusive.
Invite interaction, but postpone the reward;
The composition of the show and the connection between the audience are so weak that the stylus is not so much proof of the inevitability of human communication as proof of its instability.
A person met a stylus even before entering pulitzerstadao Ando --
The design of the building, every 7 minutes and a half, bird call, vocal music and information (
Recorded by exhibition visitors)
From five minutes.
A shape speaker mounted on the roof of the mechanism.
Once in, please all sign in on apresure-
Sensitive tablet-
An action may or may not be directly associated with the chord sound of the piano in the distance, one of the two electronic Yamaha disk devices in the exhibition, activated by this gesture.
In the first appropriate Gallery, the second literally mentions stylus's work of the same name, where the audience meets a prominent post (
Original Greek word from "stylus" indicates writing tools and building support)
A silent video was projected onto it, and a clapping figure met in the middle of the pillar.
In the same space, a stack of "Concorde" is sold on a huge steel table ";
The printed text is exchanged once a week, from the fragments of sentences contained in the newspaper to the topic of Hamilton ---
Call, hear, talk, touch.
The selection of library books is nearby and there are also some old-fashioned vinyl records collections (
Provide spoken English, more birdsong, and soundeff--
For example, imagine a vacuum cleaner, a group of roaring people, and the clicking sound of a movie projector)
, Played by the waiter on request.
In the main gallery, five platform ladders dominate, each holding an automatic projector, projecting video images of text, moving pencils, mouths and straps high onto the wall.
Below, there are hundreds of cast paper hands on a row of racks arranged in the length of the gallery window wall, encouraging the audience to try on (
Memory typewriter
Ribbon "gloves" Hamilton used in Mattering, 1997).
At the same time, from the floor vents, hidden speakers emit a mixture of opera vocal music and electronic music (
Working together to arrange withShahrokh Yadegari)
, On the stair platform, the ball bearing can go through the turning plate of a tilted steel drafting table.
Speaking to This microphone is to cause disk users to have more sound actions, as before, which can be heard but not seen from their positions in two further galleries.
In turn, playing any piano will often be interrupted by the instrument's response to the other audience's remote "command.
"In the mezzanine of the window, the songbird made of the specimen has been strung by hundreds of jumping beans on a wire under a steel table.
The surface of this table is also blurred, and when amplified, the action it supports will appear in Hiss similar to radio static electricity.
Like this element, the stylus is not received throughout the implied translation process, and fragile communication lines fail: the image is expected to only disappear during the day;
The source of sound is often difficult to decipher;
The behavior of tourists can react, which may be delayed by time or occur in an invisible place.
Like Hamilton's dream work myein for 1999 Venice Biennale, stylus uses a poetic language to communicate on the threshold of silence, and its meaning disappears forever. [
Slightly] Illustrations
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