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anti-bullying games for kids - smart board for kids

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-21
anti-bullying games for kids  -  smart board for kids
The study confirmed that 15% to 25% of the population in the United StatesS.
The frequency of students being bullied varies, and Health and Human Services now stop bullying! website.
Bullying at school, at home or nearby can make victims feel powerless, anxious, angry and frustrated.
Government and private organizations work with school systems and parents across the country
Bullying campaigns designed to prevent and intervene. Anti-
Bullying education includes roles
Teach kids how to better deal with the techniques and games of bullies.
Educational online games many online games are designed to entertain and teach children important lessons about cyberbullying. McGruff.
Internet bully is a dynamic problem.
Answer the game and test the child's proper response to deal with more and more cyber bullies.
Stop Bullying Now!
The PBS children's website also contains the knowledge of animated games that test the best way for children to "beat bullies.
Tolerance and respect
Bullying games tell kids that other students have common qualities and differences, like and dislike, Simon said.
A student becomes "Simon" and directs other players to do what Simon says.
The world of education website shows how students will make statements such as "Simon says, 'Everyone who likes caramel corn, stand up'" and caramel --
Corn lovers obey and stand.
When the game is over, the teacher or host asks the student to identify a new thing they know about another student who is not yet aware.
The game shows the diversity and similarity shared by all students and helps children learn to tolerate others.
Games that help express emotions, such as the anger suit described on the educational world website, allow children to explore the feelings of anger and frustration.
The child, wearing an old suit or coat, must show the look, sound and feeling of anger.
Teachers or parents encourage children to fully examine the anger in the targets of bullies and bullies during the conflict.
Children discuss how to deal with and resolve bullying and the anger associated with it.
The strategy GamesA game is called "a pair of safe hands" designed by Jenny Mosley consulting for cycle time meetings in the United StatesK.
First, teach the child the meaning of "extending a helping hand.
"After the children had mastered the meaning of the phrase, each child in the group threw a dice.
The first child to roll an even number grabbed a card from the box or bag with the bullying situation written on it.
Others in the group put forward suggestions to solve the problem in their statement, saying first, "I can help you.
If you/I/we . . . . . . Will it help?
"The children thanked and praised these suggestions.
The Swarm practicthe Ask A Cop website recommends that children unite to create the Swarm group when they see the bullying incident.
Children practice copying the behavior of bees in droves, moving together as a group that has just moved from the hive to a bully and her target to eliminate the victims and alleviate the situation.
The site points out that when people face greater power than themselves, people who try to intimidate others with mean words or actions will collapse.
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