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apple's new ipad: hands-on - graphics tablet with screen

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-16
apple\'s new ipad: hands-on  -  graphics tablet with screen
Josh Lowensohn, Apple's new iPad (CNET)
The new screen of the IPad is amazing.
All you need to know about the new iPad (
Yes, that's the name).
This reminds us that the 16 gb Wi pricing is still starting at $499
Fi mode, 4g starts at $629.
Apple announced the launch of the new iPad to better showcase Apple's new iPad, what else have we learned?
Forget all the small tweaks and incremental updates Apple made for the third time
Tablet generation.
Faster processor, upgrade to 4g data, improved camera-
Are housekeeping
This is what it has to do.
This is something that any manufacturer can do.
Popular live news: Tony Award deadly crane collapse trophy hunting documentary Women's World Cup now, the screen resolution of the iPad is raised to 2,048x1,536 pixels, more than any current tablet or laptop--
Only Apple has enough size and industry strength in the move.
At this point, I wouldn't bet if Apple decided to make the next iPad with unicorn tears. But before that
In the era of unicorns, we insist on using the new iPad, which is almost no different from the 2011 iPad 2.
The glass and aluminum structure of the tablet is still 9.
Height 5 inch, 7. 31 inches wide.
Thickness is now 0.
37 inch, weighing in 1. 5 pounds.
There is the same home button at the bottom of the screen, there is a volume rocker on the right side, and there is a mute switch/swivel lock.
Sleep/Wake button and headphone output at the top and 30-at the bottom edge-pin port.
Apple has raised camera quality to 5-
1080 pixel video recording and back lighting. The front-
Keep the camera in the face.
Do you remember the first time you watched hd TV?
You may be excited about the future, but it's also a little sad because you're running out of television.
For tablet fans, taking a look at the iPad's new screen can bring the same emotional cocktail of jealousy and loss.
But what do you expect?
You take a product with a 90% screen, a company that hangs its reputation on making the most beautiful products, and you'll be sure to get to that point: Apple will ruin the other screens for you.
Let's make it clear here.
In contrast, the new iPad's QXGA screen will not only spoil your expectations for tablet screens, but your laptop or desktop screen will also look shabby.
If you think I 've done too much, you'll be able to see it for yourself soon.
But when you find yourself wandering in the aisle of the Apple store, you cross your hands and whisper, "my baby," Don't say I didn't warn you.
Now, this is not the first time Apple has played a resolution card in the product announcement.
With the advent of the iPhone 4, Apple has launched a Retina display with 960x640-
Very significant pixel resolution at that time.
But for all its beauty, see the 3 experience. 5-
Compared to the 9-inch screen of the new iPad. 7-
The inch screen is like comparing the key hole to the window.
Apple releases iPhoto for the third timeGeneration iPad.
This is the case with Josh Lowensohn/CNET and they like different content.
Facebook updates are no more convenient on the iPad 3 than on any smartphone, but the map app on the iPad gives you an all-around feeling that other mobile devices can't match.
Games, movies, photos, and magazines all adopt a realism that looks almost ridiculous on handheld devices.
It's only a matter of time for someone to get sick because of this.
What's new?
Well, the love poems on the iPad's new screen are enough.
Apple has done something else that is worth noting. if predictable)
Improved IPad.
The IPad's processor has been upgraded to A5X.
When the CPU is double
Core, the graphics processor has been enhanced to fourcore.
This seems to be a necessary measure to deal with four times the pixels of the previous model.
I never thought that Siri on the iPad was as natural as the iPhone.
Fortunately, Apple feels the same way.
While Siri will not appear on the iPad, voice dictation will appear.
That said, the voice dictation on the tablet still makes me feel very strange.
I don't think you're going to jog with an iPad, but want to transcribe every word of yours in the way of an iPhone.
Still, voice dictation is a welcome addition and I suspect it will come in handy when dictating emails
Mail and bypass Touch
Use a screen keyboard when searching for information online.
I still think it's a bit silly to wave a tablet to capture photos and videos, but I understand that, and I admit the iPad's screen is showing better than any camera or smartphone.
Check out CNET's website on the new iPad.
Josh Lowensohn/CNET Bluetooth 4.
0 is another feature of the iPhone 4S.
And then there's a promise --
Touch pairing has greatly improved battery efficiency.
Finally, for all of youMobile device settingsdata-
Now you can buy an iPad that supports 4g LTE data on Verizon or AT&T.
Prices for 16 gb, 32 gb and 64 gb were $629, $729 and $829, respectively.
These iPads still support 3g data including support for HSPA, HSPA and DCHSDPA networks.
As always, Apple has done this so that no contract is required for any carrier's data plan and can be canceled or re-activated within a month-by-
On the basis of the month, there is no fine.
When released, the data plan for the new iPad ranges from 256 MB to 5 GB per month, and the price ranges from $14.
Between $99 and $50, there is a slight difference between the two operators.
Perhaps the most shocking part of the iPad 4g upgrade is Apple's battery life statement.
Even though 4g of data is a notorious battery --
The bad thing is that Apple rated the Apple iPad 4G for 4 hours in a row ---
Starting with 10 hours of battery life, shaving takes only one hour and you will enjoy it after 4g is off. What's missing?
It is disappointing that Apple's processor performance may be more aggressive, or it may bring the iPad's camera to the iPhone's 4S specifications.
Maybe it can get thinner, or do more to extend battery life, which Apple claims is still 10 or 9 hours for 4G.
Hell, let's see the age.
Old complaints about Apple's reluctance to include a microSD memory extension, a dedicated port for video output, or a truly universal charging connection.
Oh, yes, and Adobe Flash support.
Personally, I really have nothing to point out and say, "Apple is clearly destined for itself.
"The company got the already excellent products and updated them with gorgeous screens.
I think the only chance I missed was the lack of a Kindle-
Price competitors.
Rumors say Apple may release a smaller tablet later this year, but until then, Apple's only response to the cheap tablet boom seems to be its $199 Apple.
Buy or skip?
If you have an original iPad, upgrade to iPad 3 anyway.
Market for first use
A generation of iPads is still alive and is expected to provide you with at least $100 of the new iPad, which is almost half the thickness of the original iPad and four times the pixel size of the original iPad.
You can buy a third one.
A generation iPad with or without 4g lte has three storage capacities.
The problem is a bit vague for iPad 2 users.
Since the design has barely changed, the problem really comes down to how much you appreciate the new screen.
If you're interested in showing the latest tech toys, the new iPad and its industry --
The first QXGA touch screen should be a crowd-pleaser.
If your job involves sales or demos, it may also make sense to upgrade the new iPad's compelling screen (
4G connection).
My last push was the same one I wanted to give to people considering better TV or even new kitchen tables: if this is something you see every day, then spend the money on something that will give you a smile on your face.
I think it's very old-fashioned to say this, but as a long-time stingy, I have to tell myself often.
Still, if the tablet is not yet the main part of your daily life, then waiting won't hurt you.
If you're new to tablets, consider dipping your toes in the water with a $199 Kindle Fire or a Nook Tablet.
I have to admire Apple's game skills.
This is the first tablet to make people care about.
Then, just as the competition began to become confident, Apple cut the iPad into an impossible thin design.
Apple pushed the tablet screen's expectations to a ridiculous new height for the third time.
Competition will inevitably catch up, just as Apple will raise the stakes again.
This article first appeared on CNET.
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