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apple vs. everyone else: how to navigate the gadget debate - best graphic tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-25
apple vs. everyone else: how to navigate the gadget debate  -  best graphic tablet
The world of technological product criticism is like politics.
There are two main political parties.
Apple and anything that's not Apple
Their cult followers have a range of popular views or core beliefs.
Voters are so enthusiastic that they can emotionally debate the latest technology devices like political debates.
In the comments section, each specification becomes a battlefield, indicating which side has the idea of gadgets.
Green Bubble
Blue Bubble in SMS
Better camera battle.
Which system is the most suitable for our favorite social apps.
The polarization of technology is the reason why it is difficult to find (mostly)
Objective comments on the latest gadgets.
The tide of technology is full of ruthless deaths.
But that doesn't help you make a wise decision.
Below, we provide opposing views on the latest tech products to help you navigate through the debate.
The goal of Devin Macon or CKidTech is to want an audience that is not just a standard review.
The hips of many people
Hop Lover's gadget review includes an opening song where he will drop some bars before entering the details.
Most importantly, his comments, summaries and best
Compilation is completely transparent.
In this review, Macon reviews the MacBook Pro and shares how viewers can save money when they buy a computer.
For example, he suggested buying an external drive made by Samsung, which would provide more storage space for a fraction of Apple's fees.
After reading this, we recommend this YouTube "rap technology this month" series as hip-hop-inspired tunes.
Compared to other opinionated and quirky hosts on YouTube, TechMeOut's channel is as soothing as ASMR.
Her straight-forward style and neutral lens mannerisms fit anyone who wants a perspective without decoration.
As a traditional Mac user, her unboxing of Microsoft's Surface Go computer may convince Apple users to try Microsoft again.
Typical technical channels, TechMeOut experiences costs, specs, and any impressions when using gadgets for the first time.
Like the video above, another benefit of watching this channel is how she can solve any common problems that consumers may face before investing in new hardware.
For anyone who wants to buy a decent laptop without getting caught up in specs, TechMeOut discusses features in an easy-to-understand way.
It's refreshing for her to compare products to competitors without breaking the competition.
If you're tired of Apple fans telling you why you want to keep buying their expensive gadgets, Marques bronlee offers a neutral perspective.
For example, Browley's comments on the new iPad Pro started with his paper: the new iPad Pro is great, but it's still an iPad.
He leads the audience to learn about things that like it, such as its display, but he also thinks why the iPad has a long way to go before it goes beyond traditional laptops.
He rarely deviates from a neutral position when he emphasizes positive or negative.
For example, he pointed out that Apple's price increase did not share his view of the price, even in the case that it did not look like Stan, successfully referred to the iPad as "the best ever ".
If you want to get a little immersed in the gadget debate, Thao Hunyh's channel is where you should start.
Hunyh's comments provide a comparison that the audience wants, with no trivial comments.
In this review, she sounds bad on Samsung's Galaxy Tab S4 by comparing the features of each product to the iPad
She thinks it's the best tablet in the market.
And give honest feedback on what she thinks is the best gadget.
Her overall enthusiasm is enough to help you through this.
Coupled with the pros and cons of this gadget, Huynh frequently discloses details that increase her credibility.
For example, her video display on why she switched from IOS to Android, she had several Apple products before switching.
From your point of view, Apple AirPods are either a status symbol or a material for jokes, but UrAvgConsumer is here to tell you that popularity is not always better.
UrAvgConsumer host Judner Aura reports tech products in a way similar to many other tech commentators on YouTube, but what sets him apart is that he insists on breaking through the hype.
While some YouTubers are reluctant to stand aside, in this video, Aura sees Samsung's Galaxy buds as a worthy opponent for Apple's AirPods.
The gas field diverted all the rubbish.
Most of his gadget reviews cover a variety of brands and his focus is on costs
The validity of his comments.
The most generalized Apple ratio of CJKnowsTech.
The fan culture of everyone else on YouTube is called "Do I like Apple products? " in his video ? "?
Apple Watch Series 4 iMac Pro.
"After a dramatic short play, he
Apple user, he talked about vs at Apple. Android world.
His sense of humor and heated arguments
Even in response to negative feedback from readers
It is an understatement of the audience who often becomes aggressive trolling. CJ’s side-by-
The side comparison of Apple Watch 4 and Samsung Galaxy Watch provides the audience with a breakdown of each product in several categories and solves the comparison between Apple and SamsungAndroid beef.
Finally, he said, "I know the comments from iSheep are coming soon.
Comments from Apple fans came.
I came here for this.
I'm here with all this.
Baby, apple season is here!
This is the season for Android, baby, pointing to each phone and the respective watch.
CJ deflates his back-and-
Stand firmly in the middle (
Even if he chose one side for his comments).
If you think the camera is the most important feature of your phone, you may want to listen to Justin ezalek's video on Google Pixel 3.
Ezarik, known as iJustine when she was 5 years old.
There are 8 million users on YouTube, demonstrating her culinary failures and commenting on the latest tech gadgets and accessories.
Her comments are usually unblocking comments that give her a first impression or a second look at a popular phone, tablet or camera.
However, her Google Pixel 3 XL review delves into camera functionality and compares it to the iPhone.
On a trip to Hawaii, Justin takes pictures on each phone and shows them on the sideby-
When she talks about her hot love for each phone, a side split is made.
It's one thing that someone is clamoring for how much they love a product, but Justin demonstrates the phone and gives the audience tangible data.
Linus Media Group's CEO, host of its popular YouTube channel, Renas Sebastian, went deep into your tech products without confusing you.
He is not afraid to criticize a gadget, nor is he afraid to return quickly in the audience's comments.
The channel also shares news about the technology industry.
The presenter often shares headlines and data graphic images from media such as The Verge, the Washington Post and Mashable, while presenting his views.
In this video, Sebastian highlighted his 10 reasons for the fact that the iPhone is still the queen of mobile phones, and he made some jokes at the expense of Android users.
He praised the iPhone X as an example of a seamless integration of Apple's hardware and IOS systems.
Sebastian went on to explain why Apple's investment in software development helped it provide a smoother experience.
If this sentence angers you, Sebastian supports his statement with geektron's chart, which is a tool for measuring the performance of systems across devices, it shows the leading edge of Apple's iPhone X in the cpu.
If the Linus Tech Tips video on the iPhone is too biased against your taste, don't worry, they also have the "10 better ways for Android" video.
Mukbang's comments indulge our deep desire to eat, and YouTube viewers cannot satisfy it. There is a complete ecosystem around "Old Town Road.
Welcome to music YouTube.
Simone Giertz will not teach you how to make a robot.
But anyway, you will continue to go back to her channel.
If video games were rock todayand-
Maybe it's Leicester bangs.
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