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apple 'working on stylus for ipad pro' - stylus pad for pc

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-19
apple \'working on stylus for ipad pro\'  -  stylus pad for pc
Apple is developing a stylus to sell with the new, larger "ipad pro", which is considered to be between 12. 2-inches and 12. 9-
According to new reports.
Dear analyst Ming-
Chi Kuo claims that, according to some of Apple's handwriting-themed patents and his own research, the California company will display the stylus and a larger iPad in the second quarter of this year, the appleInsider website reported.
The stylus can be developed in the future to support 3D handwriting and wireless charging, but these features are unlikely to be included in any product released in 2015, he said.
Mr. Guo also speculated that the stylus might be sold as a separate product rather than tied up with the new iPad, since not all users want to use it.
"Coupled with its unfavorable cost structure, high selling prices may shut down consumers if 12. 9-
IPad is always bundled 【:the stylus]," he wrote.
"So before we get enough user feedback, we expect the stylus to be an optional attachment.
Apple buys UK music start-up
Apple in building 12. 2-
Andrew crechillo: the pure success story of aluminum helps keep the Apple shine. Steve Jobs, Apple's former chief executive, said in 2007 that he did not like the accessory. "who wants a stylus?
You have to pick them up and put them away and you lose them, uck!
Nobody wants a stylus.
He said: "The development of handwritten pens may have a positive impact on Apple's education and corporate customer base, while splitting-
Screen multitasking can be a future aspect of future iOS updates.
In the past, Apple has filed many patents on the use of the stylus on the ipad, but so far there has been no official listing of Apple products.
Since the launch of the first iPad in 2010, Styli, manufactured by third parties, has been on sale.
At present, the iPad Air 2, the flagship iPad model, is measured by 9. 7-
It is reported that the new model will be between 12. 2-inches and 12. 9-inches.
It seems to be an image of the rear panel mold of 12-
Last week, the iPad surfaced on Chinese microblogs, reportedly entering Apple's Foxconn factory in China.
The mold may be used for the production of 12. 2-
There are also rumors that the inch MacBook Air is being developed.
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