archos unveils 70b, the first sub-$200 android 32 honeycomb tablet - cheap drawing tablet-ITATOUCH

archos unveils 70b, the first sub-$200 android 3.2 honeycomb tablet - cheap drawing tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-16
archos unveils 70b, the first sub-$200 android 3.2 honeycomb tablet  -  cheap drawing tablet
Be careful, Kindle Fire, there's a new cheap tablet in town.
Announced yesterday that Archos 70b Internet Tablet (pdf)
Run on Android 3. 2 (Honeycomb)
And was billed as the first sports cellular tablet to sell for less than $200.
For the 8 gb model, of course, the suggested starting retail price is $199.
Although the price of 70b is low, it actually has some solid specifications, including a 1. 2GHz CPU, a 7-
Inch touch screen with 1024x600 resolution and 512 mb ram.
Tablets such as Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble Nook (
Spent $199 and $249 respectively)both have dual-
Core 1 GHz processor with the same screen resolution as 70b.
The Kindle Fire also has 512 MB of RAM, while the Nook Tablet has 1 GB of RAM.
Both the Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet are running on a heavily modified version of Android 2. 3 (Gingerbread)
Originally designed for smartphones;
Honeycomb is made for tablets, although some people still find out the lack of operating systems in various ways.
Other 70b features include SD card slots, HDMI output, and 3D game features.
But unlike competitors, the 70b lacks some popular features, such as microphones and webcams for video chat.
While it all sounds great, we don't expect the 70b to be sold nearby like the Kindle Fire, which is clearly sold at incredible speeds.
This is mainly due to the fact that Archos does not have the advantage of the huge marketing machine that Amazon has and the benefits of ubiquitous brand recognition.
It is also clear that the tablet market is vying for the bottom, so there may be some other tablet launches at CES, just a few weeks later.
In other words, Archos 70b is now a good deal, but the advantage won't last long.
Still, 70b seems to be a good option if you buy cheap tablets in the market --
Just realize that at this price point you are sure to make some sacrifices in one area or another.
70b will be available on January.
This article was originally posted on Digital Trends, from the best Android tablet for digital trends
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