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are smart guns the answer to america’s gun problem? - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-20
are smart guns the answer to america’s gun problem?  -  smart
The White House hopes to eventually launch smart gun technology.
Child protection weapons designed to prevent accidental shooting and improve gun safety.
For the first time, the government has tried to implement the required requirements so that law enforcement can finally use smart guns.
It is using the findings in a new report from the defense, homeland security and justice departments
In January, Obama's agency for gun reform was instructed to look into the matter. So-
The so-called "smart guns" use fingerprints or wireless signals to ensure that they can only be used by their owners.
"The problems that American innovators can't solve are not there, and we believe that by focusing the private sector on smart gun technology, we will open the door to life --
White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett said in a blog post on Friday.
The report sets the standard for the purchase of smart guns on the fall due date, and the Department of Defense has agreed to test the technology in the United StatesS.
Army Aberdeen testing center in Maryland
The White House will also step up funding for smart gun technology.
The White House also plans to increase funding for mental health services and engage state and local leaders to continue driving gun safety.
"If we can set it up, you can't unlock your phone unless you have the correct fingerprint," Obama said when he announced the gun control executive action on January, "Why can't we do the same thing for our guns?
Gun safety advocates say the technology is promising, but more research is needed to make sure it really works.
However, federal agencies are stepping up research and testing-
Gun control advocates say driving the technology to ensure its role is a big step forward.
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