are smart meters a fire hazard bbc watchdog investigation finds poorly fitted meters may have starte

are smart meters a fire hazard? bbc watchdog investigation finds poorly fitted meters may have started blazes - a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-10
are smart meters a fire hazard? bbc watchdog investigation finds poorly fitted meters may have started blazes  -  a smart board
A survey found that poorly installed electric energy meters are believed to have caused some fires at home and may put millions of families at risk.
The task of large energy companies is to install 53 million smart meters in all homes and small businesses by 2020.
But tenants and homeowners told the BBC One's regulators that they had to live in a caravan and lost their homes after they thought they had a fire due to incorrect installation of the meter.
These consumers claim that energy companies are not responsible for the fire.
Enfield's Paul and Lou Lynch told the show that their tenants witnessed a British Gas engineer installing smart meters in their apartment and met during the installation before the apartment caught fire.
Paul told the BBC the experience was "devastating" and seven months later the couple was still in the same position.
He said: "When the gas engineer who installed the meter turned around and said, 'I am really sorry, I blew up your house,' I was standing with the fire officer.
"We operate with the highest possible safety standards because safety is our top priority," the UK gas company told the project . "
Smart meters are safe, and the process in which we install them is industry --leading.
Marina Deval, from North Wales, also witnessed how the house she rented burned.
According to the BBC, Devall MS has been living in a RV with her partner for the past three months after the incident.
The fire department confirmed that the fire started with her power distribution board and energy supplier Alexa Energy, which installed smart meters six months ago and launched a full investigation, and provided her with a living RV.
Lawrence Slade, chief executive of the UK energy trading company, said health and safety are the top priorities of the industry.
He said: "Energy companies will always ensure that installations are carried out in accordance with the highest safety standards, regardless of any period of time.
"In fact, in many cases, installers are actually highlighting potential safety issues in people's homes by identifying defective appliances, with 18,000 safety notices issued this year alone.
But amid concerns about the government's launch, consumers question whether the facilities are safe --
It is unrealistic to have no goal.
Claire Osborne, US energy expert
Com told The Sun: "Smart meters have the potential to radically change the way we use energy, and it will make bills cheaper in the long run.
"But there may be potential dangers in poorly installed meters.
The government and suppliers are responsible for ensuring that smart meters are installed by qualified engineers who do not have the pressure to quickly install too many smart meters.
"After the BBC investigation, Derek Thomas MP, sitting in the House of the common Science and Technology Commission, told The Project that, to be fair, energy suppliers are under pressure from government timelines.
"If there is any indication that someone's safety at home has been compromised, then this must be considered.
"We can't ignore this," he said . ".
"There is nothing that the government can lose and review with OFGEM to study the security implications of implementing this plan and how it affects people's homes," he added . ".
A spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce, Energy And Industry Strategy told The Sun: "Public safety is the top priority of the government.
"We work with energy suppliers and network operators to constantly review security trends and see no evidence of increased security risks.
The engineers received extensive training.
Out is a unique opportunity to improve security by dealing with potential issues around old meters and connections.
According to the British charity "Electrical Safety First "(ESF)
In Britain, nearly 2,000 fires are caused by domestic electrical appliances, equivalent to more than 5 fires a day.
ESF data from a hot FF175BP model was found to be the refrigerator at the center of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, which left 80 people dead or missing.
Sun Online has previously explained how to check your refrigerator and choose the correct smoke alarm.
Watchdogwill aired the BBC at eight o'clock P. M. tonight.
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