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area man’s intelligence probably just too intimidating for most women - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-21
area man’s intelligence probably just too intimidating for most women  -  smart
The 27-year-old local man, Benjamin Walker, told reporters on Thursday that his mind is both a "blessing and a curse" and that his intelligence may be too scary for most women to engage with romance.
"I'm a very, very smart man. I think most women are scared by this, you know?
Walker said she confirmed that women seemed very uncomfortable and excited around him, probably because he had a culture and was healthy --read he is.
"After a few minutes of talking to a girl, she usually starts to see this expression from her eyes like she wants bolt, and I can tell her, she felt so intellectually inferior that it was impossible for her to continue the conversation.
"This is understandable," Walker added . ".
"I was able to talk about a wide variety of topics with confidence and detail, so it may be difficult for most women to keep up.
According to Milwaukee residents, whenever he talks to a young woman, he begins to elaborate on one of the many topics he is proficient in --
For example, Malcolm Gladwell's "outliers" or British graffiti artist banks-
She began to be overwhelmed by his mental abilities and quickly became visibly restless and alienated.
Walker admits that his amazing ingenuity may upset women about being less intelligent than him, confirming that women often show a disgusted reaction to his impressive mind, without a doubt, they will clearly "quit" the conversation or try, fear and awe, give the discussion as soon as possible. The 27-year-
The old man, who graduated from Syracuse University in 2007, told reporters that he subscribed to The New Yorker magazine and paid attention to the news every day --
All the facts that Walker says seem to make the opposite sex speechless in the conversation.
"I think I should really be more careful because I can see that my intelligence can be a major obstacle to meeting women, most of them may be looking for someone who is more ordinary or slower --down intellect—
"You know, more people at their level," Walker said . ".
"Sometimes, for example, after talking to a girl at a party, I will try to approach her again and she will deliberately avoid eye contact with me, that's it, she wouldn't have to face the embarrassment of struggling with my amazing mental abilities.
"It's hard because I really did my best to ease their anxiety and said, 'Hey, listen, don't sweat, Walker added: "I'm used to people who can't keep up with what I think. ".
"But it doesn't seem to help.
They were intimidated by this.
Acknowledging that his extraordinary mind would make him appear inaccessible, Walker told reporters that in order to reassure women, he even played down his powerful intellect on his first date, using strategies such as a slow or short pause to speak, gives his conversational partner time to process the information he provides at an extremely fast pace.
In the end, however, Walker said that in order to lower his cognitive criteria to another level, there was only so much he could do.
"Recently, for example, I talked to this girl at the bar about the radio head for half an hour --
Quote the lyrics and tell her how the band goes in a new musical direction [
Their 2000 albums. Kid A—
"You know, it really makes it easy for her to understand," Walker said . ".
"Things went well and I said a lot of very interesting things, but a few days later, when I tried to call her, she never answered me or called me back.
"It looks like I'm a sophisticated person and I like fine music," Walker added . ".
"There's nothing I can do if you can't do it.
Walker admits that at several gatherings he has attended in the past, his deep insight has pushed women to men who are less intellectually notable.
"Unfortunately, I sometimes confuse women with my lofty comments and thoughts --
"It triggered a few remarks, which put them directly into the arms of utter stupidity, because it was not so terrible for them," Walker said . ".
"You know, the kind of man who, before asking a girl about her hobbies or her way of making a living, would hardly string 10 words together.
Like, what's the point?
Is this a conversation?
"That's why I 've never really been involved.
Because girls with me tend to get frustrated because they can't think at my level, "27-year-old continued.
"In the end, I think the problem is that they want to be with me because of my extraordinary wisdom, but they finally realize that I am too deep.
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