asus padfone: phone, tablet, and laptop in one - digital pen tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-02
asus padfone: phone, tablet, and laptop in one  -  digital pen tablet
Now there are a lot of questions about mobile device purchases: do I need a tablet when my phone has done so much?
If I can do so much on a tablet, do I need a laptop?
At the annual Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona today, Asus first launchedin-
An answer to these questionsits PadFone. The 4. 3-inch Android 4.
Smart phone with tablet dock accessories, can turn the phone into a complete mobile phoneon tablet.
Asus has been previewing the device since last June, but it says it will eventually ship in April.
If it is available in the United States, there is no news;
The phone may require operators, and Asus does not have any American phones. S.
Now it's operator cooperation. Asus is well-
It is well known in the laptop market that it has only recently begun to enter the tablet market.
This phone is full of new technologies, including dual
Core Qualcomm processor, 8-
Megapixel camera with Fuji image processor with high resolution qHD AMOLED display.
PadFone Station-
Tablet part-has a 10. 1-
Asus claims that the inch screen and an additional battery can keep the phone and screen powered up to 16 hours.
When the phone is docked on the back of the tablet, you can navigate on the phone's Android 4.
0 operating system on tablet.
But what about those who still want the keyboard? There's an add-on for that;
PadFone station will have a keyboard dock for docking.
It will work like the Asus Eee Pad Transformer or transformer Prime that is now on the shelves.
Asus also released the pad Fone Stylus Headset-
A digital pen used to write on a tablet that can act as a Bluetooth headset to make calls and answer calls when the phone is docked.
There are many double missions here.
It should be interesting to see how it works, and we look forward to taking a closer look in April, when we will also understand the cost of the entire package.
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