at hatti kaapi, 80 is not too old to be on the payroll - computer writing pad

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-07
at hatti kaapi, 80 is not too old to be on the payroll  -  computer writing pad
Hatti Kaapi's staff training program is in progress.
One of them, called S Neelakanta Rao, was apparently involved.
During the Power Point presentation, his hands moved violently on the writing board, taking a lot of notes.
At a meeting involving loyalty, teamwork and entrepreneur spirit, his hands are often up.
All of this seems a bit unusual as Rao is the oldest of 87.
Rao is decades older than most other colleagues, but he also does not deny the comfort factor of working with people close to his age, thanks to the policy decisions made by Hatti food and beverage companies more than five years ago.
Hatti Kaapi currently employs 320 employees in 63 coffee shops in Bengaluru, Mysuru, Mangalore, Hyderabad and New Delhi.
20% of the labor force is made by elderly citizens and different-abled.
By promoting the concept of "on-the-job retirees" at its outlets, Hatti Kaapi is helping older people who simply cannot put their boots down.
"I don't like to do nothing, so I 've never rested since I retired from public service," said Rao, who has been working at Hatti capi for the past five years.
His role includes counting Sodexo coupons collected from various stores in and around Bengaluru.
It takes 30 kilometres to get to and from USO Road's workplace and to get home every day, and apparently consumes most of his energy, but Rao doesn't seem to mind.
In the programme, 77-year-
The old g t Arasu stopped by Rao.
He is also clumsy at work.
He mainly manages the accounts of the company and likes to run errands.
There is a funky side to his personality and he never misses the promotion of Hatti capi.
"Why should I sit idle when I have energy? ” says 71-year-
Old Sadananda Rao, another person who brings a unique flavor to Hatti Capi's workplace.
He oversees the operation of the branch of Manyata Tech Park, where he is sometimes asked to provide coffee, handle bills and interact with customers.
In addition to these contributions, Rao also won the respect of his colleagues because of his ability to make decorative coffee.
He traveled to the United States where his children worked with leading companies.
It has been recognized that Hatti Kaapi ensures a significant representation of staff retirees and different retirees
In its labor force.
It was awarded the "ncpedp Mindtree Helen Keller Award" for promoting equal opportunities for persons with disabilities ".
Its Kuvempu Road subway station exit is completely managed by four different companiesabled. “We have tie-
Ups, working with 8 to 10 NGOs, we will train people with any disability, including those with autism and visual impairment, to do various jobs outdoors, "M. executive director Sampath Kumar
"Hiring seniors and people with different abilities also makes business sense.
We find that they are sincere and loyal and there will be a lot of positive energy when they are around, "said u s Mahendar, one of the two founders of the coffee brand.
In 2009, Lakshmana Swamy T. S and Mahendar started the Hatti Kaapi.
"We sold 500 cups from a small shop in Gandhi market," Swamy recalls . ".
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