bc schools to provide free tampons, pads to students - smart board in school-ITATOUCH-img

b.c. schools to provide free tampons, pads to students - smart board in school

by:ITATOUCH     2019-07-07
b.c. schools to provide free tampons, pads to students  -  smart board in school
Education Minister Rob Fleming orderedC.
The public school district will provide free menstrual products for students in the school restroom by the end of this year.
No student should miss school, sports or other activities because they can't afford to buy menstrual supplies or do not have ready-made menstrual supplies, Fleming said.
"Frankly, offering menstrual products in our school system should be a basic product that has been covered and included long ago," he said . ".
"But I am very, very happy to be able to say that so far.
Fleming's minister ordered it to take effect on Friday, but 60 public school districts in the province will comply by the end of 2019. Esquimalt-
The parliamentary secretary in charge of gender equality, metchin MLA Mitz Dean, said the government would provide $300,000 in start-up funding
Increased funding so that products can be provided immediately in school restrooms in various regions. “This sets B. C.
As a leader in the fight against poverty, "she said.
Dean said the problem posed a major obstacle to many young people across the country.
"In Canada, one out of class for every seven students is due to menstruation because they can't afford or can't easily get a menstrual product," she said . ".
"Now, even if they are free at school, often in the executive office, students feel uncomfortable asking for products in this way.
Jordan waters, chairman of the Greater Victoria School Board, said the area has been offering free menstrual products through the school administration office or the medical room.
But she said the board recently asked the student leadership committee to advise on how to improve access to school.
"We are working on how to do this best. order]
She may answer these questions for us . "
"There will be details to be sorted out on how to manage thousands of restrooms.
So it will bring some challenges, but it would be great if it made things easier and safer and made our school more welcoming our students.
"Obviously we don't want any young people to have to do this, so we're really excited to see our government strengthen.
B. Andrea Sinclair, presidentC.
The Association of Parent Advisory Committee to B. C.
The government takes action.
"This is just another step the government has taken to show that it does care about students," she said . ".
"From a different perspective, this is an action that should have been taken long ago.
Glen Hansmann, president of BC.
The Federation of Teachers said it would consider challenging other provinces and regions. C. ’s lead. “Really B. C.
"It will be the only province in Canada to do so, although it has an impact on the half of the student population we serve," he said . ".
"Having to go to the school office and ask the Secretary or the principal for a basket that may have mats or cotton strips is something that many young people are not willing to do.
So, in an area where students can act cautiously, it's important to have something free.
"In a related action, B. C.
The government announced a $95,000 grant for the joint approach pilot project, which is investigating ways to improve access to menstrual products for poor people.
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