back to school: graduate teacher prepares for first day of school - smart board for home

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-01
back to school: graduate teacher prepares for first day of school  -  smart board for home
The chair was pushed in and the SMART Board was clean and Anita camperaire couldn't wait to smile and look forward to the arrival of her students.
Soon, she will be in the classroom of Charles Campbell College in North paradise --
East Adelaide, will be filled with excited laughter and laughter from five and sixyear-olds.
"I really like children," MS Camporeale said . ".
"I like to watch them grow and develop.
The 31-year-old Camporeale MS is about to begin her first year of teaching.
She studied and worked in other fields, but as a mature student, she said something that attracted her to teach.
"It's been a long time, but I'm really looking forward [my first day]," she said.
MS with a graphic design and real estate background, Camporeale said she was surprised at how many skills could be transferred to the classroom from her previous career.
"I think you can apply it to your next career no matter what career you are in.
She said it wasn't until she first studied at a childcare facility that she found out how amazing it was to work with children.
"What the children can do surprised me.
"They have their own voices, they have their own values, they have their own ideas, and these are all really met.
Camporeale said it was a great honor to be part of their journey at the beginning of their children's schooling. MS.
"You will always remember your first teacher.
"All my friends are paying attention to babies and all of this, and I think, 'I have a large group of people,'" she said with a smile '. ".
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