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bayani e. de leon – mastering the digital art medium - wacom tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-08
bayani e. de leon – mastering the digital art medium  -  wacom tablet
The portrait of PANFIL Bayani De Leon vibrates with color and movement to make you happy.
When he started his creative journey using traditional materials, when he discovered the fun of using a graphic tablet, his work changed dramatically.
Some sketches of my early years (1970s-2008)
Finished with pencil, pen/ink, charcoal, pastel, acrylic and oil painting with traditional art tools.
Then in the June 2009 s, my artistic ideas became popular.
I'm addicted to tablets, explained Bayani.
I applied basic knowledge and old school traditions (line)
Painting styles and techniques, but using different art tools.
I used a Wacom tablet with a versatile stylus and a big Apple iMac with Photoshop with unlimited art tools and colors.
The result is what Bayani calls Green art.
I don't have the cost to buy art supplies (
Paint, brush, pen, pencil, paper or canvas, etc. )
There's no mess to clean up.
He says it can be done/printed at any size whenever and wherever you want to sketch, doodle or paint.
For artists considering turning to digital painting, Bayani warned that the learning curve is quite large.
You must first learn how to use computers, hardware, and software, which is indeed the most challenging part.
I 've been using it since the Mac came out in 1985, mainly for my technical work, while I still sketch pencils in a traditional way until 1990 seconds.
According to Bayani, the best way to conquer the learning curve is to take advantage of online resources.
There are many websites and YouTube tutorials dedicated to Photoshop technology.
All of this is free, especially for hungry artists, there is no unnecessary expense and there is no purchase of expensive tutorial books or magazines.
Although digital painting may become a more common medium among artists, there is still a certain shame on it as an art form.
Most people don't quite accept any art done with computers.
Most of them enjoy watching movies with special effects that are made digitally.
But when it comes to a simple portrait sketch, they are not impressed.
I think it is important to know a person before judging his ability or true identity. . .
A real artist.
Bayani, who focuses on portraits, is interested in the ability to capture themes and artist expressions in a portrait work.
Models express emotions through their facial expressions and artists through their line work and pen paintings.
This is a snapshot of the moment the artist created.
Bayani, a full-time freelance illustrator, admits that promoting his artwork is not always his top priority.
I still work with technical clients to do a lot of graphic art and design and some technical illustrations for engineering and environmental companies.
The only way I currently promote my BeSketch portrait art is through the online website and through the word of mouth of my former portrait clients and friends.
Bayani said that maybe when I retire from the technical illustration work, I will show my portraits in the gallery or in my own gallery.
You may be surprised to find that Bayani likes the teachings of Theresa's mother and Gandhi.
I found the purpose and heritage of their lives to be beautiful.
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