before the scandal hit: colorized images show the 1917 chicago white sox world series winning team t

before the scandal hit: colorized images show the 1917 chicago white sox world series winning team two years prior to players being banned for life for game-throwing disgrace - wacom tablet

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before the scandal hit: colorized images show the 1917 chicago white sox world series winning team two years prior to players being banned for life for game-throwing disgrace  -  wacom tablet
1917 Chicago White Sox World Championships
Eight of them were later involved in the 1919 Black Sox game.
Throwing out scandal
Has been rejuvenated in color images.
Vivid color photos show the team wearing black and white jerseys, as well as special red, white and blue uniforms to commemorate the United States entering World War I in 1917.
The 1917 photo shows shoe-free Joe Jackson, a star outfielder and one of the best batsmen in the game, third-baseman George Buck Weaver and pitcher Eddie Scott played in 1917.
Jackson, Weaver and Scott are three of eight White Sox players accused of deliberately losing 1919 World Series in exchange for money from gamblers.
The men were banned for life by the newly appointed baseball commissioner, Judge Kenny Sousan Landis, in 1921.
In the face of the New York Giants in the 1917 World Series, the team, featuring many players who were later banned, won the series in six games, this is largely due to the hard work of pitcher Eddie sickett and Red Faber.
This victory is the team finally a get world champion until 100 after the 2005 White Sox team in Houston astronauts team of game in the win.
1917 Chicago White Sox at a record 100-
The club's winning record is still maintained.
Two years later, the White Sox lost in the Cincinnati Reds World Series, in an MLB manipulation incident known as the Black Sox scandal, eight White Sox players have been accused of deliberately throwing the game to gamblers in exchange for bonuses.
The impact of the scandal led Landis to be appointed the first commissioner of baseball.
Despite being acquitted at a public trial on 1921, Judge Landis permanently banned eight men from professional baseball.
The ban that still exists today.
The ban does not allow these people
Professional honors such as baseball Hall of Fame.
A total of eight White Sox players were banned: first baseman Arnold "chicken" gandir, pitcher Eddie sicott, midfielder Oscar "happy" Firth, star Charles sweepberg, third baseman George Buck Weaver and pitcher Claude lefti Williams.
All eight of them also participated in 1917 world professional baseball championships.
Joe Gedeon of St. Louis Brown was also banned, and he bet because he learned about the fix from Risberg, a close friend of his.
Gandil is considered to be the leader of the player involved in the restoration, while Risberg is his assistant and the "muscle" of the team ".
Jackson, one of the best batsmen in the game, admitted in the testimony of the sworn grand jury that he accepted the gambler's $5,000, but later withdrew his confession.
Until his death in 1951, he held on to his innocence.
Although there were several requests for reinstatement in the subsequent decades, the ban remained in force until today.
Following the ban on 1921, the White Sox fell to seventh place in the Lecchi team and did not see a flag race again until 1936.
Their next U. S. League title didn't come until 1959, and it wasn't until 2005 that the team won another World Series.
Amazing snapshot of 1917 team
Including eight players involved in the 1919 scandal.
Fixed and colored by Chris Whitehouse at ManCave.
"In the original image, what I see is people who should look normal, but look like dusty old ghosts," he said . ".
"I was particularly angry to see that their color uniforms were recorded in only gray shades.
Whitehouse, who visited black and white photos through the Library of Congress, said the Library of Congress had a "huge treasure" of baseball photos ".
He sorted out the pictures with Photoshop and Wacom tablets and pens to bring them back to life.
He said, but basically, it includes the restored gray-scale base image, on which I drew dozens of layers of color to make the shades of light and shade appear.
He added: "These colors are in turn controlled by different types of filters that affect their appearance in different ways.
I should also mention research on the correct color.
I can't claim to be always right, but I do the best I can.
"An ordinary person may encounter the patience problems needed to do the job.
But it is normal that I have never been accused.
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