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bell: alberta election — notley ndp, it's your fault - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-16
bell: alberta election — notley ndp, it\'s your fault  -  smart
Look in the mirror.
Yes, you are in the National Democratic Party.
Your campaign is not successful.
People are not listening.
You are told that the sympath of the NDP is in the self
Smart suits are told fashion.
People are not listening.
The vote was a slap in the face to all these people, including many outsideof-
Touching the chatty class, they misunderstood what the Albertans wanted.
You at NDP think the exercise that makes Jason Kenny lose weight is much better than talking about your plan and what you will do.
Until it's too late.
Even on the decision day, your supporters talked about the Alberta vote for United Conservatives, leading to hatred and prejudice, racism and homophobia.
The Prime Minister said Kenny went out with extremists and wanted to get gay children out too.
The NDP says Kenny is lying, Kenny is cheated, Kenny is not credible, Kenny is ruthless, Kenny is gender-discriminatory, and Kenny is not suitable for prime minister.
The highest volume of the NDP is not from the idea of saying Kenny has the wrong one.
He is not a political opponent.
He's a bad guy.
NDP believers naturally ask who can vote for such a bad person.
Got dizzy by Kenny snake oil.
Want to bring Alberta back to the dark and terrible country ignorant of the past.
All in all, sewer rats.
What life must be like in the NDP bubble.
Don't they feel the pain of the last four years? Don't they acknowledge the reasons for the fear and disgust of Alberta voters? Don't they understand the anger or the high unemployment rate they can't see the empty office building in downtown CalgaryThe economy? Work and plumbing.
Trudeau and his men treated the province as rubbish.
There is still no pipeline to pay a carbon tax.
That is why many people are angered on many streets.
For God's sake, the separatist mood is completely-time high.
For the NDP, the rude reality is not as sexy as talking about Kenny as a volunteer at the AIDS hospice in San Francisco 30 years ago or talking about homosexuality
Alliance for several consecutive days.
Or believe they can win over the allegations surrounding Manchester United's Conservative leadership campaign, or in the past they could try to get Kenny to speak in some way.
Where is the NDP deep thinker when well
Respected opinion polls at headquarters found that half of Alberta's people believe that nortelly Enpu had a negative impact on their live broadcast, and the prime minister did not start with Justin Trudeau.
You will think that it is much better to have Trudeau's nightmare than Trudeau's friends.
We 've heard of where the nortelly plan is, but it's far less loud than Kenny's disgust.
The real world will slip into the NDP bubble, but will exit soon.
Even last weekend, NDP's front-page ad featured horrible photos of Kenny and ominous titles: Jason Kenny was too risky for Calgary.
Where was the populist notelly four years ago, the leader is more popular than her party, and has been, since the campaign apparently did not bring victory, the NDP orange Kool-
Cheers and applause from aid drinkers, any opposite opinion is rejected with good tarand-
Show off from our social mediaknow-better, holier-than-
Peanut Gallery.
People who know have a lot of questions to ask.
But long before Jason Kenny appeared, the graffiti man who fought for anti-corruption and abuse of Toryland and wrote in front of others about the rise of nortley, became in the world of nortley Enpu
It's history now.
How the true believers of the NDP will continue to play the blame game.
It's someone else's fault. Blame the media. Won’t work.
According to my rough calculation, newshounds raised 12 times more difficult questions to Kenny than they did to Norley. A province-
There will certainly be an extensive sympathy party afterwards.
Some may even claim to be resistant to Kenny and start 2023 provincial campaign today. Yes, a four-
Twitter's long story from the video
Kenny lives in the game universe
As resident villains, they are free in their heads.
Four years ago, your Graffiti Man wrote an article in The Toryland dynasty.
Their failure seems so inevitable and just.
This time, nortelly NDP left behind a series of bad decisions and one of the best sports was thrown into the dustbin of history.
You are now part of the NDP.
It's your fault.
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