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ben kuzma: benning buoyed by combine interviews, won't move up in draft - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-22
ben kuzma: benning buoyed by combine interviews, won\'t move up in draft  -  smart
General manager Canucks was "excited" about the players he will choose, and after last week's NHL scout combo in Buffalo, he came to a crucial conclusion.
Vancouver Canucks general manager, wary of the considerable price increase from the 10 th overall picks in June 21
The No. 22 draft at Rogers Arena stands at Pat.
Despite the growing consensus, the top 10 with Jack Hughes, Cabo kakaco, Bowen bilam, Kirby dachi, and Cole Caulfield or Dylan kozance are still full of good prospects.
"Coming out of the mix, I feel better and excited about the players we will get
Said Benning.
"The kids did a great job in the interview because they could enter a room with adults and sell what they could do and what they could do better.
"I am very excited about the choice.
"This is because there is no interview with the red flag, only positive confirmation of the players they already know and hear about.
Victor Soderstrom, draft entry prospects for draft NHL 2019. (
Photo: Fredrik värnebjörkngfirst-
Including the Swedish Hockey League defender Victor sodstrom.
Left winger Matthew Bodi of the US national development team, USNTDP center/winger Trevor zergrass, SHL blue coat Philip burob and WHL Center
The skills that are still available are why upward movement, led by Benning, has never been attractive. "If we must (
Except for the 10 th pick)
Give up a second-
That's too much because we think the draft is deep enough . "
"You just don't know how the draft will fall.
We can put the top six players behind us at 10.
"The next step is to conduct follow-up interviews with targeted potential customers in Vancouver.
Smooth ice hockey
Moving Soderstrom he read the game well and has low
The threshold of panic may exceed the wish
But there are other considerations.
Boldy is very interesting because of his figure and creativity.
He also did not lack confidence and courage to think he had a good interview in Canada last week.
"It's normal," he said Tuesday . "
"They want to know about your family, how you see yourself as a player and how you see your season.
I got a good feeling from a lot of teams, I think (Vancouver)
Everything went well and I was very satisfied with it.
This is because there is a lot of talk done with the game of Boldy.
"This is my ability to play big power-
"The role of the striker, with a lot of skills, can play a role while protecting the puck," he said . ".
"Putting the two together is something that many people can't really do.
I can play creativity and skills, I can also play big games and surf the Internet.
"I have no one to watch, no one to say I will play like him.
I played my own game and it helped me.
Asked if he would come to Vancouver for a follow-up interview, he said: "No, I don't know.
"It could mean Canadians have a good idea of everything about him, or haven't been sure who they're bringing in yet, or need to get to know other potential clients better and take them to town --
Just like when Elias Paterson met Henrik and Daniel Sedin before the 2017 draft.
Trevor Zegras is from the National Development Team of the United States.
Zegras was inspired by his joint interview with Canada and hopes to meet with them here before the draft.
"It's great because it's more human," he said . ".
"They want to get to know me better and I get a very good feeling from them.
They want to know what I know about the team and I said I like to watch Paterson and this issue may cause some problems (
Canucs' interest)in my head. But who knows?
They will put things on their chest.
"Zegras is in second place.
This season at the center of the line behind Hughes and on the right is also very effective.
He has a fearless nature, not afraid to get strong on ice hockey and navigate well in transition.
"I am confident in my game and skating and may not look like it, but I am also confident in my strength," he said . ".
"I'm really strong in skates because I know I'm going to beat that guy and play.
"Bkuzma @ postmedia. comtwitter.
Com/@ benkuzmaON soderstrom radarvictor (
Brynas, SHL, 5-Dfoot-11, 176 lbs. )
Data: GP: 44, G: 4, A: 3, PTS: 7 play against men this season.
Will give a correct address.
Shooting needs at the back end of the continuous transition. MATTHEW BOLDY (
LW, USNTDP, Hockey League of America, month-foot-2, 192 lbs. )
Data: GP: 64, G: 33, A: 48, PTS: 81 thin: already strong 2-
Way game with smart positioning, good hands, excellent shots and mature pictures. TREVOR ZEGRAS (
USNTDP, USHL, 6-C/RWfoot, 169 lbs. )
Statistics: GP: 60, G: 26, A: 61, PTS: 87 thin: good in the middle, good in the wing dynamics, projection first
Jack Hughes.
He also performed well in the five-nation championship.
Excellent vision and skills.
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