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best laptops for college - best cheap drawing tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-17
best laptops for college  -  best cheap drawing tablet
Going to college is a transformative experience for every student, and in any new student's shopping list, you usually find a laptop, A student who can take notes, write reports, do homework over the next four years, and may play in more than one Netflix series.
It's not easy to choose the right laptop for college students because each student is different-and their computing needs are different.
Will your son or daughter spend a lot of time typing? form prose?
The keyboard is probably the most important factor.
Do they need to run high?
A final application like a CAD package?
Powerful CPU and GPU will be more critical.
Of course, there is also downtime to consider: any college student who wants to play a game or play a game after the homework is completed needs a machine that can keep up with heavy video needs.
Finally, the budget issue is not irrelevant.
Considering that universities can cost $200,000, and it may be difficult for you to spend thousands more dollars on a computer for four years.
The good news is university-
The friendly laptop has a variety of shapes, sizes, configurations, and of course the price level.
Is your budget in the medium term?
Hundreds to thousands of dollars, this review has a solid choice that will work for students in your life.
This is a somewhat confusing category because when you start using it, almost any laptop is suitable for college students, at least to some extent.
Some students may want the lightest machine they can find, while others may want an oversized monster as long as it can run the latest video game.
With this in mind, these criteria are considered to be fairly general.
When in doubt, consult your new college students directly to determine their specific needs.
Most college students may be most concerned about portability.
Because they are going to take the laptop to each course and fly between classes, they need a laptop that can easily be placed in a backpack and won't weigh much, and-and perhaps most importantly-provide excellent battery life.
All the laptops in this review weigh between 2 lbs.
5 and 4 pounds, none of them will come back
After a few days on campus, break even.
In addition, the battery life of the test unit is between 9 and 13 hours, all of which are excellent life scores.
The next important consideration should probably be the original performance and power.
These are unit-based CPUs (
All units tested are powered by Intel Core i5 or i7 processors)
And the amount of RAM it has (
Install 8 gb or 16 gb on all tested machines).
You can see how these two components work together by looking at the PCMark 10 benchmark score in the performance chart in each review.
It is as close as the metrics of the daily performance you find in this category.
Are your students recipients of handwritten notes or aspiring artists?
If so, you'll want to consider a machine with a touch screen and a pen/stylus support, which is more effective and accurate when writing or drawing by hand.
As mentioned above, players absolutely want a laptop with a dedicated graphics card to double the responsibility of their machine as a console.
The two laptops reviewed below include GPUs-but note that the GPU will almost always increase the price of the device significantly.
In this comparison, I did not give specific restrictions on the laptop's system, but asked for the most suitable machine for college students in their arsenal. (
I did contact Apple many times to know how popular MacBooks are in college, but the company did not respond. )
My favorite is two very different laptops.
The first is the amazing price of Acer Spin 5, a 13. 3-
The inch laptop with touch screen offers a full tablet experience and a wealth of flexibility, but for only $787, it's the cheapest laptop I 've tested.
On the other hand, it's hard not to like Microsoft Surface Book 2,13 for $2499. 5-
An inch laptop with a removable screen makes traveling extra easy when you're using one of the best tablets in the industry.
As always, keep in mind that prices vary from seller to seller and discounts are common-especially during the summer months when back-to-school sales are rampant.
Keep reading for detailed comments on each of the five systems I evaluated.
Like most Microsoft Surface, Microsoft Surface Book 2 13-
Surface Book 2 is part of a tablet and part of a laptop.
Surface Book 2 has more successfully integrated the two worlds than most, both for sophisticated slate tablets and for one of the most capable laptops on the market.
Design note there are two versions of Surface Book 2, one 15-
Inch and this 13. 5-inch version.
Both have two features.
A piece of design, large, slate tablet and a removable keyboard, is connected through a sturdy docking system.
Slate's design has an unusual 3:2 aspect ratio, which makes the screen much higher than what you see on most laptops (
Widescreen 16: 9 or 16: 10 aspect ratio).
The design makes it look a bit like an old one
While this is bad for watching movies, it is great for productivity.
Screen paste (
Forward or backward)
Arrive at the base through a very complex electronic docking system.
A key on the keyboard releases a set of magnetic locks that hold the LCD in place instead of pulling it apart with violence.
The hinge of the base is also notable as it is a rear
Modern art removes the traditional hinge and turns to a streamlined design that allows it to meander forward and backward like Caterpillar stepped on a tank.
The only strange part of the design is that when turned off, the LCD and keyboard are not placed in flush, but are combined in a slender wedge configuration.
Unfortunately, gunk can get into the system when it bumps in your bag.
FeaturesMicrosoft does a lot of work on providing various features for Surface Book 2, no matter how you choose to use it.
The front and back cameras allow you to have a conference call or take an impromptu photo.
The backlit keyboard responds quickly and the big touchpad tracks well.
For art types, surface pens (
$100, sold separately)
Also support, give you better-
Fine-grained control over graffiti and notestaking.
Incredible Super resolution of 3000x2000 pixels
The bright screen is one of the best screens on the market.
SpecsMicrosoft is sent in one of the highest configurations of Surface Book 2 and equipped with 1. 9GHz Core i7-8650U CPU (
The eighth generation
16 gb RAM.
The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 GPU provides ample functionality, and the 512 gb ssd provides ample storage.
Port selection is quite strong-note that all ports can be found on the keyboard/base, except for the headphone jack, not on the tablet part of the machine-including two full ports --
USB port size, one USB-
C Jack and SD card reader. At 3.
6 pounds of the weight and 21mm of the thickness (
Included keyboard)
, It's not super light machine but it's not the backThere are also Circuit Breakers
So high performance
Terminal configuration, I expect heavy-
On-duty performance on site, Surface Book 2 was largely not disappointed.
Most competitors (
Most of them do not include separate graphics processors)
In most of my videos, it's about twice the average classification. centric tests.
General application tasks (
Including web rendering, business productivity applications, digital media creation, etc)
, The machine also played an average of 12% of the field, but considering the fastest CPU laptop, my test in this category, I hope to have a deeper one.
Next is the selection of key benchmark scores.
BatteryNo people can touch the battery life of the Surface Book 2, based on the complete battery life, the battery life is locked for a full 13 hours of running time
Screen video playback test.
While all the laptops in this review performed very well in battery testing, the Surface Book 2 won the top prize, three full hours more than the closest competitors.
Bad news: $2499 (
Although it is currently $2299 due to $200 in temporary sales)
The Surface Pro 2 is easily the most expensive laptop I 've ever received in this review.
Nevertheless, its performance and battery life ensure that it will certainly work as a machine that should be able to endure the daily use of college students for four years, arguably a high-priced label worth it.
Pavilion NowAcer spin month SP513A notebook computer combination-
The convertible design of the tablet usually means that a high price must be paid for the laptop, but Acer's Spin 5 2-in-
1 device seems impossible, it provides a powerful and flexible system that will not let banks go bankrupt.
Note that spin 5 is a 2-in-
1 device, which means that it provides a screen that can fold 360 degrees so that it can be flat on the lower side of the device.
This allows you to use Spin as a standard laptop with a keyboard, as a tablet, and the keyboard is hidden under the machine, or in between, for example, to place the laptop in a tent position, allows it to be used as a keyboardfree display.
Two traditional sturdy hinges hold the laptop together, and by placing the speakers between these hinges, Acer guarantees you stable audio performance regardless of the location of the device.
The system feels very strong, although it is made of aluminum and aluminum (plenty of)plastic.
The features of 360 include-
The degree touch screen is the main selling point here (
Even give the name to rotate it)
But the rotation 5 did not stop.
For those who want to use a stylus, the device supports Windows Ink (not included)
With this device, Spin even comes pre-loaded with Alexa, so busy students can quickly ask for help with homework or hear the weather without getting up. The 13. 3-inch screen (
1920x1080 pixel resolution with standard)
Not the brightest, but it has impressive color reproduction and stands up well even under harsh fluorescent lights.
That's the keyboard-
But the TouchPad (
Complete built-in
In the fingerprint reader)
It's good to track and click.
SpecsThe Spin provides a fairly basic configuration for this category, including 1. 8GHz Core i7-8650U CPU (
The eighth generation
8 gb of RAM and 256 GB of storage.
This may not be enough to support the university for four years, so the budget for cloud storage or external drives is on the road.
Integrated graphics are included on this device, so it is not a valid game machine.
The ports included on the rotation are solid: three complete-USB port size (
Although one is the old USB 2. 0 port), a USB-
Ports C, HDMI and SD card slots.
Please note that you can use a dedicated charging port or USB-
C port with added flexibility.
In 18mm thick and 3.
4 pounds, it's almost as heavy as the Surface Book 2, though it won't overwhelm the backpack at least.
Spin 5 is not the best option if you need original performance, especially graphics or game performance.
Even General applications (
Including web rendering, business productivity applications, digital media creation, etc)
Weakness in performance (
9% lower than average
This is unexpected, considering the high
Terminal processor included in the system.
Graphics performance is the worst in this series, although it is not much different from any other system that does not have a separate graphics card.
The BatteryAll system in this lineup shows excellent battery life, Spin 5 in my full-
Screen video playback test.
This should be enough for any student to have a full day of classes and then some.
I also love this compact AC adapter, which can easily ride in any bag or backpack, but is largely not noticed.
I left the best news to the end.
Spin 5 is listed for $900, but you can find it on Amazon for $787.
This is an amazing price for a machine full of functionality and flexibility, even if the performance is not the best, my gut feeling is that for any undergraduate with medium computing needs, it will still provide enough capacity.
Buy Asus ZenBook 13 ux331u now and it will prompt the scale at just 2.
7 pounds, make it the lightest laptop in this review, these 13-
Inch laptops are certainly lightweight in terms of power and performance.
Let's see how important this is.
The Asus ZenBook 13 is a simple flip cover that any laptop user can immediately become familiar.
Maybe too many: 13. 3-
Inch laptop has little to no fancy or extra design, just a simple gray/silver color scheme made of aluminum magnesiumaluminum alloy.
Although it doesn't look much, although the laptop is surprisingly light in weight, it does give a strong and durable feeling.
The included harman/kardon speakers are fired from the lower side of the machine and are crisp but not very powerful.
However, the biggest design flaw of the machine is that the power button is placed directly on the keyboard, in the upper right corner, adjacent to the delete key.
Because of this location, I typed more than I could count and accidentally turned off the computer.
On this model, there is no touch function, there is not much to write, function-wise.
The inclusion of on-board fingerprint recognizer is at least a recognition of upgraded security, and while the 1920x1080 pixel screen has an excellent perspective, it is clearly on the dim side, in this review, the brightness score is well below all other laptops.
Also, I found that the keyboard and trackpad are very good, which is usually a special challenge for ultra-light computers like this.
Specthe ZenBook 13 has actually been removed: it is the least impressive configuration of any laptop in this review.
Components include 1. 8GHz Core i5-8250U CPU (
The eighth generation
, Integrated graphics card, 8 gb RAM and 256 GB solid state storage.
None of these are particularly impressive and should be considered an absolute entry --
The level configuration of any serious user's Windows laptop.
The ports included are a little bit better, with two completesize USB 3. 1 ports, a USB-C port, full-
Size HDMI and micro SD card reader slot. (
The ultra-thin AC adapter for the laptop includes a separate charging port, but note that it does not charge via USBC port. )
The good news is, at 2.
This is a very portable machine with a thickness of 7 pounds and 18mm.
Of course, the laptop is thinner and thinner, but you will work hard.
Find them at this price.
This could be an attractive combination for a student who is on a budget.
As expected, the benchmark score for ZenBook 13 was not impressive.
Graphics testing is comparable to other machines with integrated graphics processors (
That is to say, bottom)
And general applications (
Including web rendering, business productivity applications, digital media creation work)
In this lineup, the performance is the worst, 13% lower than the average level of the field.
If you want to get a full four years of utility from this system, it may be problematic.
Battery life is less than 10 hours a minute (
Based on all of me
Screen video playback test)
The life of ZenBook 13 is impressive.
As mentioned above, it also provides a very portable AC adapter, a great addition to its already lightweight form factor.
Asus ZenBook 13 is priced at $800 and looks very affordable, but it's starting to look very expensive compared to systems like Acer Spin 5.
Spin 5 CPU speed is faster, of course also equipped with 360-
Degree hinges and touch screens-$23 cheaper.
Although it's a bit heavy, it's hard to recommend the relatively tied ZenBook 13 if you're looking for value.
The ThinkPad series of Lenovo x3pad x3 80 yogalenovic is traditionally for business professionals, but the thoughtful features and impressive durability built into x3 80 yoga make it worth considering for college students.
Traditional black designon-
The Black design of the Black pad series is exactly the same as the x3 80 yoga, but the users of the ThinkPad will find many different combinations in the traditional business environment.
As part of yoga
Okay, x3 80 is a 2-in-
1 device, complete a rotation 13. 3-
Inch touch screen, folded flat at the bottom of the device, allowing it to be used as a slate tablet.
One of the most unique features of the X3 80 is its folded "Lift 'n Lock" keyboard: when the screen rotates back to the tablet position, the Keys drop to the chassis of the device, until they are flush with the keyboard tray.
This makes the design more comfortable when holding the tablet and the keys are still out of the way.
The laptop is mainly made of carbon fiber and is very tough and durable, and it is still quite small considering its firmness.
Yoga may be a pint.
The size of the laptop, but it is filled with a variety of features, including the Disappearing keyboard mentioned earlier, a first-class typing experience, a variety of TouchPad modes (
Including the famous TrackPoint navigation button of ThinkPad), and a built-
Fingerprint reader.
The most notable feature is the inclusion of an active stylus, the ThinkPad Pen Pro, which can be used with a 1920x1080 pixel screen.
When not in use, the pen is inserted into a special slot under the keyboard, which also keeps the stylus charged.
Specsth80 Yoga has a fairly basic range of specifications, including 1. 8GHz Core i5-8250U CPU (
The eighth generation
, Integrated graphics card, 8 gb RAM and 512 GB solid state storage. Two full-
USB port size and a USB-
Port C is included in a complete
Size HDMI port, micro SD card slot and mini Ethernet port (a full-
Size adapter in the box).
Includes a separate proprietary AC adapter port, although the device can be easily charged via USBC connection.
3 pounds of the weight makes it quite light, while 20mm of the thickness is just average.
First of all, please note that x3 80 yoga experienced hiccups several times in my test.
When switching between laptop and tablet mode, I have encountered a few times that the machine has turned black-still powered on, but there is nothing on the screen, eventually it will take a reboot to get things back online.
The touchpad is also a bit unstable in use and does not follow closely (
Especially when clicking)
Like I hoped.
There was little surprise with the benchmark score.
In general applications, the system is roughly in the middle of the field (
Including web rendering, business productivity applications, digital media creation, etc)
Since the unit does not have a separate video processor, its graphics performance is obvious (
And appropriate)limited.
The screen is quite bright and vivid from the front.
BatteryAs has all the equipment in this review, and according to my complete data, battery life is excellent in more than 10 hours
Screen video playback test.
The above ability to charge via USB is just a little icing on this already delightful cake.
$1304 (
Despite frequent price fluctuations)
Although Lenovo x3pad x3 80 yoga is not cheap, it is not a bank.
Expensive too.
The smaller size, awesome durability, and powerful pen features provide the unit with more talking points, provided you find a little extra space in the graduate's budget.
Museum NowMSI PS63 modern085 msi is up-and-
The brand of the future, although the company is famous for its games
Focusing on the device, there is a strong reason to support the installation of an MSI machine for your college students for daily use.
A good example:
The powerful MSI ps3 was released.
Modern name design PS63-
085 may be a bit confusing as the embossed logo under the keyboard says "Prestige ".
"Instead of paying, look at the pretty big 15. 6-inch (non-touch)
Display, 1920x1080-
The pixel screen fills most of the available space on the lid, thanks to the small baffles on all four sides. A drop-
When the lid is open, the down hinge kicks the screen back and forth, giving the system at least the illusion that there is more breathing space between you and the screen.
In addition to this, the design of this machine is rather slim and not noticeable, and for a laptop with such a large screen, its case is surprisingly small, and the plastic case has only some slight metal contact, give it a restrained charm.
PS63 is not a touch screen laptop so features-
It is wise that the equipment is on a limited side.
The keyboard provides large and spacious keys, although travel is quite limited and requires a little habit.
However, the very spacious touchpad is very well tracked, including an integrated fingerprint reader.
The "Quiet Mark" certification, even under heavy loads, the machine was designed to be almost muted in operation, and my test confirmed this.
The PS63 Modern of SpecsMSI is very good-
Configuration, including 1. 8GHz Core i7-8565U CPU (
The eighth generation
16 gb of RAM and 512 GB of solid state storage.
Most notably, the laptop includes the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 graphics processor;
Not state-of-the-art, but handled quite high --
End the graphics task like playing a game.
Ports include three completesize USB 3. 1 ports, a USB-
Port C, micro SD card slot and full
The size of the HDMI port, all of which should be enough for any universityaged user.
Please note that the device does require a separate charger (
Dedicated port)
And it does not charge via USB connection. At 3.
7 pounds and 21mm thick, which is the heaviest (
Tied to the thickest)
Devices in this series-but given that all other devices are available 13-
On the inch monitor, MSI unexpectedly owns its own monitor for a price of about a tenth thicker than the Surface Book 2.
Performance PS63 provides the best score in this series in my general purpose application testing (
Including web rendering, business productivity applications, digital media creation, etc)
Beat the stadium at 15%.
Although most of its graphics and game benchmark scores are slightly behind Surface Book 2 (
It has the same graphics card, but the CPU is a little faster)
It still maintains its position, only one or two percentage points behind Microsoft's standards.
Most Test flagmen.
The screen is quite bright and vibrant, and while it leads ahead of other units in this review, it's not as dazzling as the Surface Book's dazzler.
BatteryWith high-
Terminal components and large screen, I don't have much expectation for the battery of MSI ps63.
To my surprise, the unit completed 9 hours and 3 minutes of running time in a full time
Screen video playback test.
This is the shortest life span in this review, but, again, this is also a model given the premium configuration-for almost any student.
The conclusion is that the PS63 runs $1499 per configuration, which sounds very high, but given everything in the box, it actually represents a solid value.
If your student is looking for a laptop that can provide entertainment (
Especially games)
In addition to being a portable workawayer to get him through his daily classes and homework, the unit deserves serious consideration.
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