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best pressure-sensitive graphics tablets - pen tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-11
best pressure-sensitive graphics tablets  -  pen tablet
Compare the best features and brands of high pressure
One of the most important attributes when you consider a graphic tablet is its stress-
This indicates the response of the graphic tablet to the pressure, or, more specifically, the level of sensitivity in the work area or surface of the pen tablet.
For some users, the average responsive tablet is working fine.
In fact, many people who are not professional designers or artists may not even notice the difference.
At present, there are generally pressure sensitive levels of 256, 512, 1024 or 2048.
This function will determine the thickness, opacity, transparency, etc of the line.
You can set your tablet to use this feature in your favorite or easiest way.
This feature should give you the best control over your art or design work, as you can identify factors that cannot be imagined in many traditional paintings.
Paper and pens are still irreplaceable, but these tablets are becoming the demand of anyone who lives on design and painting, and even takes their hobbies seriously.
What is pressure? Sensitivity? Pressure-
The sensitivity of the graphic tablet is actually the sensitivity of the pressure it applies to your surface.
Level of pressure-
The sensitivity can vary in the range of 256, 512 or 1024, but there are some really great tablets that have an impressive 2048 sensitivity, the best level at the moment.
This feature of the graphics tablet will best determine how you feel when you use it for digital drawing, as it gives you the real feeling of using a pencil on paper (
In addition to the friction of paper).
Do you know the feeling when you press the pencil too hard and the line is getting thicker and darker?
You can do the same with a tablet if you want.
There are two ways of stress.
Sensitivity is used with a tablet.
The surface of the graphic plate can be sensitive to pressure, or pressure can be detected in the stylus.
Either way there is the same result, although the sensor is more common in the stylus, usually better, because the surface of the tablet will be relatively easily damaged if you are not careful.
In short, the main task of stress is
Sensitivity is basically to give you more control over your strokes and actions, in order to make you feel that working on your tablet is no different from working with a pencil and paper.
The stylus should not be bulky to take full advantage of the pressure
Sensitivity, make sure the stylus is not too heavy.
Keep in mind that when the stylus is heavy and thick, you will not be able to take full advantage of the pressure sensitive tablet.
The problematic pen/stylus needs the battery to be placed inside, which makes your hands heavy, thick and unbalanced overall, making it difficult for your digital project to complete.
This will be a problem if you are used to using light and relatively thin pencils and tools.
However, if you have no problem using these pens, you might as well give it a try.
However, you can do a good test before you decide in order to make the best choice.
Do you remember those thick pens with multiple colors of ink?
They are very heavy and unbalanced, so they are the best tool for small experiments.
Take one of them (
If you can't find it, or any large sum you can find)
Try drawing something with it.
It's best to make sure the process lasts about half an hour.
Avoid buying this style of graphic tablet if your hand is hurt.
If not, then put them in your list of options.
A pen connected with a rope will reduce your experience. Please also note that there are certain brands of graphic tablets that sell stylus labels with stylus.
While this is usually not a big problem for amateurs, it can mean a big difference for those who want to work on serious projects or like to be perfect when drawing.
When the stylus is attached to the label, I am one of those who can't stand.
While this is not a big hurdle, it will lower your attention and you won't get the best out of the pressure on your tablet --sensitivity.
I mean when you focus on keeping a certain thickness of the line and then the chord slows down the movement of your arm.
If you can accept it, that's fine.
If you would rather have more freedom to use your drawing tablet to the maximum, then buy a tablet with no stylus attached as it will be more freedom for digital drawing
Tablet size and graphics
Tablet pressure-
You need to keep in mind that the surface size of your ideal graphic tablet is not necessarily large.
Test your strokes.
This is relatively easy to do, and here's how you can figure out which size of the drawing tablet is best for you.
Take a piece of paper, format A4 and start drawing something.
Don't think too much, just draw the first thing in your mind.
Keep in mind that your hands need to be relaxed and you should not worry about drawing a perfect painting here.
Use paper in the way you usually do and your favorite way.
After you have drawn a beautiful sketch, observe the results.
Have you used up all the space on the paper?
Is your line long?
If so, you need a large tablet for digital art.
If you already occupy about half of the paper and there is some white space around the drawing, you should think that a medium size graphic tablet is your best choice.
Finally, if you are an exact type, with small strokes, there is always a wealth of small details on your drawings --
You can do it with a small graphic tablet, although a medium tablet is still OK for you.
However, stress sensitivity is equally important to everyone, and I suggest going to 1024 levels as a good measure, but those who are very detailed and like to be precise and neat should even do their best --2048 -
If their budget allows
Is your budget small?
If your budget is small or limited, you may not be able to afford a graphics tablet that is really neat and expensive.
Wacom may even be impossible for you as some of us cannot get their price range.
However, this is not the end of the road, as Wacom is not the only brand for excellent drawing labels.
In fact, some graphic tablets are at the same level as their products, the design is amazing and the pressure is great
Sensitivity and various sizes are available for you to choose from.
Some of them are very popular and some users prefer Wacom.
If you are a beginner, it's better to start with something like this until you have enough confidence to use a graphic tablet for your digital art
Some people even insist on using their first tablet for a long time.
Remember, there is no digital label that magically takes away your skills --
Your talents and skills are the most important when creating gorgeous art and the best weapons.
Before you buy a graphic tablet, you need to decide something when choosing a graphic tablet based on your unique needs and digital items.
If you're still not sure after this article, the graphic tablet Wiki should help you make a smart and best final decision.
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